Why Apple products?

Why Programmers Need to Consider Apple Products

Apple computers and Windows/Microsoft computers are the two biggest players in the industry today and both devices offer various advantages to users. Die-hard Apple fans love these computers for their strength, longevity, stability, and great multimedia applications. Windows users appreciate being assured for widespread file compatibility and like being able to find great machines for relatively low prices. For programmers the question of which is better gets a little more complicated although in many ways, Apple computers come out on top. If they choose to shop with an Apple premier partner, novice programmers can even manage to get a great deal on a brand new computer to use.

A Platform With Global Reach

Programming for iOS devices is best done on – you guessed it – an Apple computer. An extensive effort may allow motivated users to mimic Apple’s coding environment on a non-Apple computer but there is little assurance of quality control. Many frustrated hours can be spent working on a project intended for iOS devices that has a fundamental flaw in it. Programmers often choose to bypass this question altogether and opt for an Apple device in the first place.

  • The Apple iOS has become the most profitable piece of tech ever produced. Consider these facts:
  • Apple earned $31.4 billion in iPhone revenue in just one 2015 quarter
  • Tens of millions iPhones are sold each year
  • Apple products are intended to complement each other, leading to increased purchase and less switching by customers

Thinking About the Programming Future

As you might imagine, programmers will have to think about the kind of programming they want to do before ultimately choosing the computer for their work. The matter of product development and project sharing may present a potential obstacle, but given the high degree of compatibility built into many programming languages users can feel comfortable choosing either Apple or Windows for the most part. That said you are likely to visit an Apple service center like Melrose Mac less frequently if you purchase one of these legendarily solid devices. Have questions about upgrading? Call us today at 323.937.4600.

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