Whatsapp for windows gets a huge update!

There has always been a clash between the Whatsapp and Windows users. Previously, the windows users had to wait for a long time to get their whatsapp calling feature. Since then there are small updates for the app which pushes the new feature in beta version.

Today, the public version of WhatsApp messenger got a huge update in the Windows Phone store which bumps the version to

Source : Windows central
Source : Windows central

These are some of the new features:

  • Mark chats as unread or read.
  • Added several new emoji. You can tap the emoji to choose different color in the emoji.
  • You can select multiple chats and forward or delete them.
  • When you receive a contact, previously you didn’t have the feature to save it directly like on Android.
  • Lower the data usage used during the WhatsApp calls in settings> Chats and call
  • You can now disable or enable sound and vibrate for in-app notifications.
  • Choose a custom ringtone for WhatsApp calls.

Overall the update fixes a lot of problems which makes the version the most stable version WhatsApp. Grab it from the WhatsApp latest!


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