What to expect at mwc 2019

So the most awaited MWC 2019 is here so what to expect at mwc 2019 this year is the main concern of techies. Or at least it is if you’re a journalist rushing between pre-event briefings.
In case you do not know MWC (Mobile World Congress) is where the phone industry descends on Barcelona to talk shop.

In MWC years gone by we have seen various flagship handsets like  Samsung Galaxy S9 and LG G6 make their debut, and  we expect MWC 2019 will be our best chance yet to see what today’s biggest phone makers have to offer for the next 12 months.

Samsung released its big phones at its Unpacked event this year but there is still a huge buzz around MWC 2019.
The reason is because  this is the the year of the freaking folding phones and 5G, which both feel new and important, and also because the new breed of Chinese mobile brands are all innovating like crazy at the moment, finding ways to pack new and cutting-edge features into often comparatively affordable phones.

Here, then, is our bumper preview-cum-review of this year’s Mobile World Congress.


What to expect at mwc 2019


 Huawei Mate X

The most extravagant phone of the show? We’d say so. Not only does Huawei’s crazy flagship have 5G connectivity, but it also comes in the shape of a mad folding design.


Microsoft HoloLens 2

 A new version of the leading mixed reality headset has been revealed, this time featuring a more comfortable design and improved optics that track where your eyes are looking for a more immersive, reactive, augmented reality experience.

what to expect of mwc 2019_3

LG Dual Screen

LG has revealed a crazy accessory for its new LG V50 ThinQ handset – a clip on clam shell case that also doubles up as an additional, full-sized screen for the phone.


Nokia 9 PureView

 Nokia came with another innovation in the camera. The Nokia 9 PureView has not 2 not 3 but insane five lens camera, shows plenty of potential.


What to expect of mwc 2019

Sony Xperia 1

Sony has revealed a whole range of 21:9 phones at MWC 2019 . Sony thinks the future of the mobile display is with 21:9 ratio screens.



Both Apple and Google usually save their phone launches for their own events. Apple doesn’t like mixing with its rivals so will be a MWC 2019 no-show, but Google will be there supporting its Android partners and promoting its mobile offerings, even though it is almost certain it won’t have any new devices to unveil at the event. The Google Pixel 4, Pixel 3 Lite, new Google Home and Pixel Watch will all be coming later this year.



This year Mobile World Congress is happening from Monday 25 February to Thursday 28 February. Some of the major players usually schedule press events beforehand, so news is going to start appearing on Saturday 23 February and Sunday 24 February.

Everything happens in Barcelona, primarily at the Fira Gran Via event hall. The show isn’t open to the public, by the way – you have to be in the industry or a member of the press to get a ticket, but we’ll be there and we’ll keep you right up to date with everything that’s happening.


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