How to use earphones as mic on PC

Earphones as mic on PC?

Many people have various queries such as How to use in-ear earphones mic on PC. Without getting the right result, people end up buying mic. Mic’s are just like any other products you buy. The higher price you pay for, the better quality you get. Mic is your voice. Any compromisation may lead to improper communication or laggy communication between two parties.

Conference tools like skype are one of the day-to-day apps to stay in touch with your loved ones or just to do conference calls or what so ever you take it as. Camera’s are there in almost all the laptops and they are better compared to the cheapo web cameras. But the mic in it, no comments. Literally you can hear everything else than your voice when heard from the other side. There are headphones with mic, but those are bulky and non-convenient.  So you might have thought wouldn’t have been nice if you were able to use your headphones mic on PC. 

Here’s how you can use your headphones mic on PC :

There are two ways. The easy way and the hard way.

Hard way : Make your own headphone splitter 

Easy way : Buy a headphone splitter

Here’s my review on it :

How to use earphones as mic in pc

The earphones we buy these days have very good mic. Except noise cancellation which can be found in high price dedicated mics. So why not use them in your PC instead of wasting your money in buying a money.

I bought these from AliExpress and here’s the link : Female to two male adapter 
And it costs $0.99 which is around 65 rupees. And for that price, it pretty much does more than what it should for it costs.

use headphones as mic

It fits in like butter without any obstructions in between. And talking about the quality, its 10/10 hands down.

Headphone splitter

It has a dual 3.5mm jacket which goes to the front part of the CPU where you can see the audio out and the mic jack.

3.5 mm splitter

This is what it looks like when it is in use.
(Sorry for the dusty PC, didn’t clean it for a while 😛 )

Buy headphone splitter in India :

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