USB type C earphones

USB type C earphones – JBL Reflect Aware C

USB type C earphones?

The USB C is getting better and better everyday. In the sense, its coming to amlost all the platforms out here. If the USB type C becomes universal there will be something common between all the platforms like the iOS , Android and Windows. Each platform has atleast one device with the USB type C feature. Will USB type C earphones be a revolution changer?

JBL reflect aware

Talking about the USB type C earphones, JBL introduced the reflect earphones last year at CES 2015. The JBL reflect is one of a kind earphones which draws power through the USB type C or the micro USB rather than the usual 3.5mm jack.

The 14.88mm driver of the USB type C earphones are sweat proof and comes with ergonomic ear tips making them perfect for a run or gym and any other outdoor activities. Additionally, the noise canceling on the JBL reflect can be adjusted. It also features an in-line remote with volume rocker and microphone.

USB type C earphones

This unique USB type C earphones has a great support and should work with devices with USB type C support. There are many at different budgets like from the Nexus 6p to the LeEco 1s. There is also a rumor that this earphones work with the HTC 10, the 2016 HTC flagship device. As of now, pricing or variants has not been announced. There is also a rumor that the earphones will be featured or be exclusive for the HTC 10 device which has both 3.5mm jack and a USB type C. But will this be a change?

Other information/features about the JBL Reflect aware USB type C earphones : 

  • Sweat proof
  • Tangle free
  • In line mic and volume control
  • 14.88mm dynamic drivers
  • Frequency : 10Hz-22kHz

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Will this USB type C earphones be a revolution changer?


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