MY experience of 1 month of streaming on Twitch!

Twitch is the best platform if you want to grow as a streamer but you know what’s difficult i.e. getting your audience right.


To be honest, my inintial days were filled with 0 viewers for several hours. But when the time when, I started advertising a.k.a copy pasting my twitch channel in game chat when something cool happens. For example, say Mcree got a 4k from my game and the next second that happens I paste my twitch channel so that that person could come to my channel and clip that.

You get my flow?

So this was the stats before I started following the thing I told above, i.e copy pasting your twitch channel.

You can see how less of a viewer audience i’ve had.

And this is after :

Even though the numbers don’t satisfy you, there’s atleast some change when compared to the previous one.

You need two things, talk and engage better or show your skills in game so your teammates & opponents come and watch you.

😛 Get it?

I don’t have the first one, so I forced myself to get better in the second way and here’s what happened :



People hate when someone posts like that in game, in my case overwatch. But F it, who cares. When you rekt their butt in game, they automatically shut up xD

So this is the current progress and I’m trying so hard to get the affiliate mark!

Coming to the things which i have to improve in :

  1. Facecam – Idk if this is true or not, but many have told the engagement has increased drastically once the streamers have started using facecam. So, it’ll be in my bucket list.
  2. Advertise better – Currently the only way people know im streaming is when I post my URL in game or my followers get notified. Few have suggested to get part of streaming community in my case Indian streamers community in twitch so that the people in that group automatically host each other’s channel when one is not streaming. That way, I will also get viewers.

You can expect my next update on November.


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