Truebill App Review – Saves Money???

There are many apps out there that state that they can help you save some money. Finance apps that make you enter your expenses, set expense limits and make you work towards achieving goals are the things that come to mind when it comes to finance related apps. Truebill, on the other hand, takes a different approach to help you save some money. This app works by linking your credit card statement and analyzing its contents and finding recurring subscription payments. This includes subscriptions such as Netflix, gym memberships, your monthly phone contract etc.

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What Can It Do?

With Truebill You can choose to take control of recurring transactions. You can cancel these services in a matter of seconds and the entire process is taken care of by Truebill’s cancellation agents for you, for free or you can choose to monitor these transactions and Truebill will notify you about any changes in the subscription, including a change in fee, recurrence etc. You can also track how much you spent on a subscription over a time period and all your prior payments relating to the subscription. You also get notification alerts on the monitors you set for individual subscriptions that you choose and instantly get notified if your bill goes up or if you’ve been double billed. The app also lets you review individual subscriptions and read reviews on other subscriptions and help you make more informed decisions. so, in short, it helps you track where your money is going and who’s billing you, manage your subscriptions and bills and Take control over who bills you,  See where you may be getting overbilled, Find ways to lower bills and last but not the least, the app also gives recommendations for new ways to save time and money with new services. Pretty nifty right? Truebill also has a list of all the subscriptions that it can cancel for you that you can find under this link Here



Does It Help?

Subscription commerce has been a popular business model over the last five years, in part because it creates predictable revenue. Consumers can order subscription makeup samples (Birchbox and Ipsy), meal kits (Blue Apron, Plated, and HelloFresh), diapers (Amazon, Target, Honest Company), razors (Dollar Shave Club), and so on. There are at least five sock of the month clubs. But there are plenty of bad actors in the “sub-comm” category. Many companies, especially airplane Wi-Fi providers or free credit check providers, make it difficult to cancel or don’t make it clear that they’re going to keep charging anyone that signs up. Beyond that, it’s just difficult to manage all the automatic payments and shipments in your life. If you have a lot of subscriptions and lost track of them, this is a perfect solution to eliminate that stupid magazine that you subscribed to, that eats 30$ of your card every month. Truebill has taken a unique approach to cutting a few bills and it actually works and is also well designed and easy to use. But as always with things like bank statements, the question of security arises. No worries though, Truebill uses 256-bit SSL encryption and keeps all your data safe. Truebill doesn’t however help if you don’t care for subscriptions or have any but for the rest its a great app that everyone needs to use to completely appreciate. The app is also to free to use and available both for Android and iOS.
App store link : Truebill

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