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Top 5 best terrarium TV alternatives (2019)

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In this article we will be talking about the very famous terrarium TV and best alternatives for Terrarium for Firestick TV, Android TV box and any other Android smartphones. If you are a new user for FireStick TV, this article will also share a guide on how to install these apps for FireStick TV. Recently, one of the most popular and the most trusted streaming app, Terrarium TV announced it is shutting down. The developers have mentioned that there won’t be any further updates & app support.

Top alternatives for Terrarium TV :

In this article, I will share my top 5 alternatives for Terrarium TV. This recommendation has been shared here after testing & using them personally. Hope this article provides you the best app you are looking for as a replacement for Terrarium TV in one of the 10 options I have shared here.


1.Titanium TV

Titanium tv apk free downloadTitanium TV is one of the best Terrarium because it is the closest clone to the native original Terrarium TV. For the starters out there looking at such app for the first time, its a Terrarium TV clone. Just like Terrarium TV, the Titanium TV also has tons of entertainment material right from movies and shows which makes it perfect for binge-watching TV shows. The part that impresses me is the part where the links are of high quality from the web. Thereby providing you the maximum quality for your entertainment.

2.CyberFlix TV

Cyberflix tv free downloadThis app is very similar to the previous app, Titanium TV. This app is also one of the clone of the discontinued app Terrarium TV. The difference between the Titanium TV & the CyberFlix TV is close to none. Thats why it’s on the second top in my list. Just like Terrarium TV, this app also has lots of repository of on-demand videos, lot’s of movies and TV shows. Here, the content is updated regularly to keep up with the current releases.

3.Cinema APK or HDmovies

Cinema HD apk free downloadCinema APK which was formerly known as HDMovies has been around the internet for a while now. This app was there right from the beginning i.e. during the period where Terrarium TV was alive with it’s full glory. This app is one of the perfect app right from the content they provide to the bug free experience. As any of the apps here, Cinema APK is a content aggregator just like Terrarium TV and doesn’t host any of the content themself. This pulls links available in the internet and shows us in an organised manner. This app has a very minimal interface and does it’s job.




kodi apk free downloadKodi is one of the most popular player out there right after Terrarium TV. When Terrarium TV was live, Kodi was one of the biggest competitor. But without the latter, Kodi is undoubtedly the best and will be the best uncontested leader in this streaming world. Kodi doesn’t rely on a single developer like other apps. This is an open source app where anyone with the right knowledge can play around with this app and create different streaming add on over it. There are lots of add ons for Kodi which makes it unique. These add ons allows you to watch everything right from movies, TV shows, Live TV and what not. Here the best thing is that even if one of the developer decided to discontinue, there are several other developers and there will be lots more joining in in this community which will keep the Kodi community evergreen.

5.One Box HD

One box apk free downloadOne Box HD is an exceptional app where the app has been famous in the FireStick community over the internet community. It is because this app works perfectly on remote controlled devices like Amazon FireStick. This app allows fluid navigation & control on remote controlled devices like Amazon FireStick. Not to mention, just like other apps One Box HD also hosts lots of content. The best part about this app is that the content can be streamed with just few clicks and the least clicks in this list of apps I have shared.  The smooth navigation helps to find your right content which you are looking for to stream easily. The only downside & the reason for the One Box HD in the 5th place is becasue of the in-video video controls. This app doesn’t allow you to pause/play, rewind/forward with the remote.

Now that you have lots of option for Terrarium TV, please note that with these apps you are streaming copyrighted content for free. This might get you into legal trouble. Please use a Proper VPN to keep your activities hidden from the ISP and the Government. VPN keeps you secure & safe from the online surveillance and the geo restrictions that’s present in the internet world.

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