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Top 10 Best iOS Emulators for 2019

iOS emulatorWhat is iOS?

iOS is a mobile operating system that is used by the Apple iPhone,iPad, and iPod. The latest version as of writing this article is iOS 12.4 with iOS 13 coming fall of 2019. All of us have to admit it, It is a very simple, user-friendly and secure operating system, but this experience does not come cheap. Many apps are exclusive to the App Store like GarageBand, TimePage, TvOS and so on that cannot be found elsewhere. But if you’re a Windows user then you’ve come to the right place, today in this post we’re going to find out how exactly to run your favorite iOS applications on a Windows 10 PC effortlessly.

How do I get iOS on my Windows PC?

There are two ways of getting iOS on PC, iOS Emulators and iOS Simulators, iOS Simulators only emulate the software and have a hard time with hardware, but an iOS Emulator mimics the hardware and software together which gives better performance and stability overall.
Today we are going to be taking a look at the Top 10 iOS Emulators & Simulators to run your favorite applications on your personal computer. These emulators are light-weight and are easy to install or they could be entirely web-based, I’ve curated this list based on a lot of research and user reviews.

1.iPadian Emulator

iPadian iOS

iPadian is an iOS Simulator which will give you the feeling of using a real iOS device, it is one of the best and popular iOS Simulators out there. With this Simulator you can get to use TvOS, Siri and other apple features, the only limitation is that you cannot access the Apple Store as it is a Simulated device and does not create a local version of iOS on your computer but iPadian has its own App Store which has most of the iOS applications. It is completely free to download and has a very user-friendly interface, the paid version comes with a little more inbuilt features to enhance the experience. The iPadian Emulator can be used for Gaming as it is a very capable simulator that runs games smoothly without any lag.

Rating: 4.5/5

Must Read: Emulator iOS is an entirely online emulator which is used to develop and test apps directly online without having to download any files, any iOS application can directly be uploaded and tested for bugs. It has all the iPhones starting from the iPhone 4s to the iPhone XS Max and also the iPad Air which can be emulated. It is a freemium service, the first 100 minutes are free exceeding this limit you would have to pay $0.05(₹3) per minute. It is one of the Best iPhone Emulation services out there which can be used to run most if not all the iOS Applications and Games.

Rating: 4.5/5

3.Electric Mobile Studio (Emulator)

Electric Mobile Studio iOS

Electric Mobile Studio is a paid iOS Emulator which is used to profile and test iOS applications with ease. It comes with an expensive price tag at $39.99 which is worth the cost as it has many tools to help you easily develop and test your application. But fear not it also comes with a 7-day free trial which you can use to make sure it is the perfect choice for you. It can be used to play games and run applications, but it isn’t optimized much for gaming as iPadian or Appetize.

Rating: 4/5

4.Remoted iOS Simulator for Windows

Remoted iOS Simulator

This is the best method of simulating iOS on a Windows 10 PC and is the product of Xamarin which is owned by Microsoft. Although this requires you to install Windows Studio 2017 or Windows Studio 2019, it is installed along with Windows Studio but you have to set the simulator up step-by-step (, but in the end it is worth it as it also helps you to debug the applications if you are a developer and using this to test your applications.

Rating: 4/5

Must Read:

5.MobiOne Studio Emulator

MobiOne Studio iOS

MobiOne Studio is an emulator that is discontinued, but it is still one of the best iOS emulators for PC as it has an excellent user-interface which is useful for navigating through the emulator. You can run your favorite games and applications on this and it will work flawlessly. Most of the online services for MobiOne have stopped so you cannot develop applications, but you can still test applications as it is a well-built emulator for developers.

Rating: 4/5

6.Ripple Emulator

Ripple Emulator iOS

Ripple is a web-based HTML5 iOS emulator which is a chrome extension that can be downloaded off the chrome store. It is a widely used emulator that supports most of the iOS applications up to iOS 12.4. Ripple is nowadays used as a tool for developing and testing iOS applications on different versions. It does not have a very user-friendly interface but it has a lot of built-in functionality.

Link: Ripple Emulator
Rating: 4/5


AppSimulator iOS

This iOS Simulator is a web-based tool which you can use if you’ve never used the iOS interface at all, it simulates the iOS interface which you can use to navigate around the iPhone and learn how it works, it is an outdated version that the website uses (iOS 9) so it does not have most of the latest iOS applications. You can use the features mentioned on the website and nothing more than that but you can also see how the Apple Watch works. If you want you can upload your apps for testing although it is not a very realistic iOS experience.

Rating: 2/5

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8. Smartface iOS (Simulator)

Smartface iOS

Smartface is an alternative to the Remoted iOS Simulator, it is an amazing emulator for windows and used by professional developers to develop cross-platform applications and test them with ease. Smartface comes with a free and paid version. The free version comes with all the basic features needed for a normal user and the paid version has more features to enhance the experience and support which is useful for developers who want to test their applications as soon as possible. It also helps you to publish and distribute your application if you are ready for deployment.

Rating: 3.5/5

9. Air iPhone Emulator

Air iPhone iOS

Air iPhone is an emulator that uses Adobe Air Framework which must be installed for this emulator to work. it creates a virtual iPhone on your computer and almost replicates the Graphical User Interface of iOS and works similar to it. This emulator comes with a few applications pre-installed and allows all iOS games and applications. It is a great Emulator for people who have never experienced the iOS interface.

Rating: 3.5/5

10.iPhone Simulator

iphone simulator iOS

The iPhone simulator is similar to AppSimulator except this is one is a downloadable version. It has the best UI and works like an iPhone. Those who haven’t experienced the iOS interface can try this iPhone simulator to experience the feel of a real iPhone. It is an outdated emulator with no access to the app store and has limited application and games. But the good thing is that it is free and it is close to a realistic iPhone experience.

Rating: 2.5/5


With this, we come to the end of the article. Honestly, there aren’t many iOS emulators out there due to Apple’s restrictions on who uses their software, let alone the ones that provide a near-true iOS experience. But you can use one of the emulators mentioned above to get a near-perfect experience. I would recommend you to get an iPhone or an iPad if you want to enjoy the Apple ecosystem as it was intended to be. But in the end, I hope this article has helped you find the perfect Emulator for running an application that you need on your Personal Computer. Comment down if you think I missed any awesome emulators!.


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