Toddyhancer mod changes GTA 5 into realism (Almost)

This video above is a bit different. You’d definitely notice if you are into gaming.
Yes, looks so realistic right?

All hail Toddyhancer mod, a work-in-progress mod from Martin Bergman that takes realism in gaming to the next level. This pulls of an amazing set of visuals and render shades. Bergman said he is using generic post-processing injector ReShade, END , some simple tweaks and more.
This is a sample of the rendered image in Toddyhancer mod:

toddyhancer mod

As you see the video is a bit sloppy, he said that he recorded and tested the mod in his notebook. Then imaging 4k!

If you are interested in this development of Toddyhancer, you may want to subscribe his YouTube channel!

Stay tuned to know about the release and further updates in this mod!


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