Tengidi -The iPhone Case that lets it run Android

Developer Nick Lee was the guy that made Windows 98 run on the Apple Watch and now he is back with Tengidi, a case that runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow on The iPhone. Yes you heard me say it, Android on an iPhone.

To do this Nick took some readily available hardware and added a battery and a case like enclosure around it. The iPhone case has its own processor, The Kirin 620 SOC to be exact, 2GB of Ram and 8GB of on-board storage that is covered by a plastic shell that Nick 3D printed.


when this device is plugged in through the lightning port to the iPhone it can mirror all that is happening in the hardware to the iPhone screen through a custom app. Dont mistake this for some software hack for the iPhone that lets it run Android, Its more like a mini hardware package the size of a soap tray that lets you use Android on the iPhone since its dependency falls to run android falls on the hardware on the case itself. Actually installing Android on an iPhone would be an insurmountable task but mirroring it on the other hand is more doable. The case also has ports for a HDMI, USB and a Micro SD card slot. This is not the next best thing for that matter its not even complete to say, but it its more of a showcase on how readily available cheap hardware found these days can make seemingly impossible things possible.

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