SF920 ($9 Condenser microphone)- Review

SF920 microphone :


If you’re the one looking for a budget microphone that won’t burn your pocket, then the SF920 is the right one for you. This microphone is the best for audio recordings or voice overs or whatever the recording the purpose it is.

The SF920 microphone is priced under $20 on amazon.com and under $10 on gearbest.com. At this price point to be honest, there can’t be anything better than this.

Looks :


The SF920 looks simple yet impressive. It has a very clean and professional. The SF920 comes with a 3 legged tripod, SLR to 3.5mm jack and the microphone itself.

Build quality :

What can you expect for $10 microphone. The tripod is kind of slippery, but it wont affect much since you won’t have to move the microphone constantly. Apart from that, the SF920 microphone feels solid in hand and it also has the volume rocker along the side of the microphone which can be used to mute or reduce the volume.

Since the microphone has a decent weight, it holds well on the tripod. And the small factor of the tripod makes it easier for recording purposes.

Sound quality :

The main part, sound quality. The SF920 microphone sound quality is great but not the best. But when the price range is considered and the alternatives are taken into consideration, then the SF920 is the best you could get in this price range.

The SF920 microphone picks up lots of background static noise but that can be removed easily with the help of audacity. Apart from that, my voice which is recorded is clear, audible and loud which is what we need.

Buy SF920 here : https://goo.gl/gwC4Kp

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