Samsung SleepSense – The sleep tracker for insomniacs!

The IFA is the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances.  There are many interesting products and gadgets announced at the IFA, Berlin. Samsung at the IFA 2015 unveiled the new device called SleepSense. This is an unique device which can help to improve the sleep by making the users understand their sleep pattern. It doesn’t do only tracking your sleep but also your heart and respiratory  rates too.

According to the reports taken from this device, its proven that the new Samsung SleepSense is 97% accurate. This device has to be placed under the mattress. You can see the reports by downloading the app on mobile and connect with the SleepSense device. That’s it!

Samsung Sleepsense


SleepSense includes real time sensors which is contact-less and can track your sleep, heart rate and respiratory rate. The sleep score is calculated based on several parameters and then will provide expert recommendation on how to improve your sleep quality!

Cheers to all the insomniacs!

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