Samsung S8 leaks – 90% body to screen ratio!

Rumors are rushing in for the Samsung galaxy S8 as they plan to announce the Samsung Galaxy S8 on February 2017.  As Samsung lost its lead on its latest Samsung Galaxy note 7.

To sum up the past happenings Samsung aims to deliver something impressive and make a comeback.As stated by the rumors, the company may introduce Samsung Galaxy S8 with OLED display which may have screen to body ratio of 90% which is almost similar to that of Mi Mix which has a screen to body ratio of 91% ~

Here’s a small image that represents the screen to body ratio on Mi Mix :


Another report states that there might be a overall change of the design of the Samsung Galaxy series. If it becomes true, the next flagship i.e. Samsung Galaxy S8 might be a huge hit for the fans out there.

Gathering more and more information about the Samsung Galaxy S8, a 90% of body to screen ratio requires the removal of the classic Samsung home button. So, as long as the bezel-less concept is alive, we can say bye-bye to the home button. But wait, there’s a disadvantage also it would also lead to removal of the finger print reader which was built into the home button.




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