Samsung Galaxy S9 leaks


As we all know, Samsung’s S9 is about to be launched/revealed during the CES 2019. This makes things crazier and hypes up the launch because the Galaxy S8 had brought the concept of the 18:9 aspect ratio into the Samsung series and the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be something similar or even better than that!

So here are the things that are expected in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 :

  1. No chin on the bottom: This means that the new Samsung Galaxy S9 won’t have the bottom bezel making it even wider/longer screen compared to the previous smartphone the Samsung Galaxy S8. The display of the phone will be even longer like the top part of the Mi Mix 2 where there won’t be any bezels on the top.
  2. Better Iris scanner: According to me, this rumor will be 100% implemented on the new Samsung Galaxy S9 that is about to launch. According to the rumors, the Galaxy S9’s iris scanner will have an improved camera lens [3MP on S9 compared to 2MP on s8] which makes the recognition easier and faster. They have also rumored that this scanner will feature an advanced scanner where the smartphone can recognize users Irises in pitch dark conditions or when they wear eyeglasses or in bright environments and as such.This means the upcoming Galaxy smartphone will also feature the portrait mode with the camera upgrade.
  3.  Dual rear cameras: With the dual camera’s introduced in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is also expected to inherit the dual camera mostly.
    This also means that the camera capability will improvise drastically with higher frame rates and better quality slow-motion videos.
  4. Storage: Storage wise, there will be an upgrade compared to the previous models where the Samsung Galaxy S9 will have storage options of 128GB & 256GB whereas the Samsung Galaxy S9+ is expected to have a humongous 512GB storage option.
  5.  Fingerprint sensor: As we all know, the previous Samsung Galaxy S8 had a weird fingerprint reader position right next to the camera. Whereas the Samsung Galaxy S9 is expected to have the fingerprint sensor right below the camera which is considered to be the most convenient space for the fingerprint sensor.


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