Samsung announces 16TB SSD!


You’d be like ‘holy’ when you see this. There are few people who still use normal HDD unless the SSD. Even if they use the SSD it wont be more than 60GB. To be a king, you need to follow Linus tech tips who is wealthy and crazy who can afford 20TB of SSD which is 960GB SSD.

Sansung SSD

Coming to the topic, Samsung has announced a new SSD powered by its new 3D vertical NAND flash memory chips. Which is also officially the world’s highest capacity computer storage. The PM1663a drive (20TB SSD) has an actual formatted capacity of 15.36TB. They also mentioned that this will be targeted to the data centers and other enterprise grade markets!

The drive has the standard dimensions (i.e) 2.5 inch by 2.5 which is commonly used in consumer grade products. This announcement was made at the annual flash memory summit in Santa Clara , California. There was no announcement made regarding the price but they mentioned that it won’t be priced less than GBP 5000 which is approximately Rs.5,08,346.

This makes people to their work 2.2 times faster and upto 63% more power efficient when compared to the regular SSD’s.

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Source : gadgets.ndtv

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