RingingBells Products Now Available on Amazon.in

Ringing Bells the company behind the whole Freedom 251 fiasco, are now back. This time, they are claiming that all their products will now be available on Amazon.in from the 1st of October 2016. The company is also holding a contest by which you could win a Loyalty card by liking and sharing this post below that is found on their Facebook page.

Ringing Bells Amazon (1)

The company is also claiming that refunds for the old registrations pertaining to the Freedom 251 smartphone have commenced and in order to get your hands on a Freedom 251 smartphone now, you’ll need to join their loyalty program. The loyalty program can be purchased for as low as Rs.500 for the silver card and a maximum of Rs.2000 for a platinum card. The loyalty program gets you discounts for all Ringing Bells products. This might come as a surprise but Ringing Bells offers a few other devices and electronics. This includes an 8000mAh power bank, a Rs.4000 Android smartphone, a few other basic phones and some Led TVs.

Ringing Bells Amazon

The loyalty program gets you a discount of UpTo 20% on all these products plus Freedom 251 smartphones on the purchase. The silver card gets you a 5% discount on all Ringing Bells products and one Freedom 251 smartphone and will cost you Rs.500, The Gold card gets you a 15% discount on all products and one Freedom 251 smartphone and will cost you Rs.1000 and the platinum card gets you a 20% discount on all products and two Freedom 251 smartphones and will cost you Rs.200

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I honestly do not have much of an opinion on this whole thing but if you are willing to take the risk, then who am I to judge. Personally, I’ll be staying away from this and keeping a close eye on any developments, to me this whole loyalty program is shady and there are no guarantees for their claims. I’ll be keeping a close eye on this for now.

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