Remix OS Player – Best Android Emulator!

Jide technology, the company behind Remix OS is back again. This time, they have made Remix OS installable as an application on your PC. Remix OS for those of you  who don’t know is an alternate operating system based on Android for your PC. Also its the best one out of the bunch by a far cry. It has support for Multi-windowed applications and more useful and clean features that make it more suited for work with a keyboard and mouse than all other Android for PC alternatives out there. I could talk all day about how cool Remix OS is, but the focus today is their take on Android Emulators for PC. Remix OS player is basically a lightweight package of Remix OS made to run as an Android emulator. It brings with it all the features of Remix OS and its based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

It comes as an application that you can install on your Windows PC and its the perfect way to play Android games and experience Android applications on your PC. I’ve used a lot of Android emulators and Remix OS Player is well built and offers a clean and enjoyable experience. Its also easy to set-up and get running and that hasnt been my experience with most Android Emulators out there. The problem with Remix OS was that you needed to switch operating systems when you wanted to use the Android operating system. This to me was frustrating at times, especially when I want to access files that are in my hardrive. Which is not possible in Remix OS beacuse it uses a seperate partition of sorts. Remix OS Player however lets me get the best of both worlds. Remix OS Player also lets you map keys on the keyboard and mouse if you’re into serious Android gaming. Its super cool and I urge you guys to check it out. Also we wrote an article on How To Play Android Games on your PC, that you can find Here and this easily makes it to the top of that list for me.

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