Reliance Jio Now for all 4G devices

Reliance’s 4G service ‘Jio’ has been around for some time now. With testing of the network starting as early as December 2015 by Reliance employees. Jio hopes to make a digital revolution in India by bringing in widespread 4G LTE data and call facilities to the masses at an affordable price. Recently Reliance kicked off a trial for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge users, where they could try Jio for a period of three months with unlimited data, calls and texts. Fast forward to now, the trial has been extended to all Samsung and LG  4G devices. This move puts 4G LTE facilities in the hands of more people and to top things off, the Jio trial will be extended to all 4G phones in India. This means that regardless of what OEM’s phone you hold, as long as the device supports 4G LTE you are eligible for a free Jio trial spanning 90 days. This move is said to take place sometime next week and with a move as huge as this one Reliance could actually make a dent in the Indian cellular network market. Most manufacturers charge a heavy premium for 4G data speeds, speeds which are almost nonexistent in most areas. And like all things good Jio has been under a lot of allegations from different Cellular network providers who feel that Jio is hoarding traffic by using the test as an excuse to provide full-fledged services to consumers. All this backlash will probably increase even more once when the Jio trial is open to all 4G phones is started. For now though, Samsung and LG users can get their hands on a Jio trial sim by downloading the MyJio app that is available on the Playstore. Do note the devices in question must support 4G LTE. We’ll keep you guys posted.

Image and Info source : iGadgetsWorld.

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