PUBG dxgi.dll error fix

PUBG dxgi.dll error – What is it?

With millions and millions of players being banned in PUBG, the developers are taking initiative to ban the hackers and develop new anti cheats system. But unfortunately, the third party application called “Reshade” is blocked by PUBG.

Below, you will find the most apt working solution to this problem and how to avoid PUBG dxgi.dll error popping up in the future.

PUBG dxgi.dll error fix : How to fix the problem PUBG cannot find dxgi.dll

The recent update made sure that the users do not use any sort of third party applications while running PUBG and with the Anti-cheat system in place, the game will now block or pop up an error if you use any third party application.

So, the files related to the reshader will be blocked and thereby affecting & creating problem while the game launches.

Step by step guide to avoid PUBG dxgi.dll error : 

  1. Head to the game destination – Right click on PUBG on steam and click on properties. Then click on local files & click on browse local files for browsing the local files on your PC.
  2. Or head to this destination on your PC directly – \Steam\steamapps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Binaries\Win64\ and then delete “dxgi.dll”
  3. If there is anything related to Reshade, uninstall it completely or delete the folder itself. Delete both the Reshade-Shaders, both the “dxgi” .ini files and the “dxgi.dll”
  4. Once you delete and launch the game, you are good to go and you will definitely be able to play the game without any PUBG dxgi.dll error.

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