AMD RX 480 – Price,Specification and release date in India

Recently at the Computex 2016 in Taipei, AMD announced the launch of the AMD’s brand new graphics card called the AMD Radeon RX 480. This graphics card has been termed as the most affordable VR optimised graphics card.

AMD report says : “Reducing the cost of entry to VR: AMD expects that affordable PC VR enabled by Polaris architecture-based graphics cards will dramatically accelerate the pace of the VR ecosystem, driving greater consumer adoption, further developer interest, and increased production of HMDs, ultimately resulting in a lower cost of entry as prices throughout the VR ecosystem decrease over time. ”

The RX 480 is based on the new Polaris graphics technology which is set to go on sale on June 29th at a price of Rs.13,500 or $199. Looking at it’s price, there are no other graphics card that provide the same performance at this price range. The closest competitor, the GTX 970 is defeated by the RX 480 and the outperformed RX 480 is cheaper too.

With the recent hype created by Nvidia with the launch of the new GTX 1080 and GTX 1070, the RX 480 completely destroys it. The RX 480 gives better performance than the GTX 1080 at less than half of its price.

AMD RX 480 – Price,Specification and release date in India :

At the launch, Dr. Lisa Su and Raja Koduri unveiled the RX 480. Raja Koduri shared that they wanted to make the cheapest yet the best graphics card for the 280 million PC gamers out there.

Report claims that around 85% of the people prefer to buy graphics card between $100-$300 which is around  Rs.6000-Rs.20,000 price range. When AMD RX 480 comes to this scene, this is the best one can get when the value per unit is considered.

Here at the launch, the AMD RX 480 was directly compared to the beast the GTX 1080. He called the 1080 as an “Expensive solution” and he also explain what a person can achieve by cross firing (SLI) dual AMD RX 480’s which is under $400.

Here’s a little comparison :

GTX 1080 VS RX 480

RX 480 VS GTX 1080

Specs of AMD RADEON RX 480 :

RX 480 Specs

The RX 480 will be offered in both 4GB and 8GB version with AMD freesync and HDR support.

AMD also mentioned :  “VR is the most eagerly anticipated development in immersive computing ever, and is the realization of AMD’s Cinema 2.0 vision that predicted the convergence of immersive experiences and interactivity back in 2008,” said Raja Koduri, senior vice president and chief architect, Radeon Technologies Group, AMD. “As we look to fully connect and immerse humanity through VR, cost remains the daylight between VR being only for the select few, and universal access for everyone. The Radeon RX Series is a disruptive technology that adds rocket fuel to the VR inflection point, turning it into a technology with transformational relevance to consumers.”


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  1. The $199.00 (13,500) must the stock version. But what would be expected price when companies like Asus, MSI bring it out the their own added specifiations. Will it still be under the range 20k in Indian market or higher?

    • Rumors say that the price would be around 18,000 INR which is reportedly powerful than the r9 390x.

      We can expect it under 20k budget which is worth what you’re paying for!

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