Oppo find 9

A phone that charges in 15 minutes – OPPO find 9 leaks

OPPO find 9 leaks

There are many factors that we consider and go across when we come to a situation of finding a perfect phone. We consider factors like battery, screen and the main thing is the User experience. If we go for a higher range, we check other features like fast charging, battery backup, always-on-screen etc. But the oppo find 9 is one of a kind phone which we will see in the future ( Which is not too far )


OPPO find 9 leaks

Talking about Oppo, it has launched quiet a few range of smartphone in the past year. But the specs didn’t match to the top notch of the flagship device. Their previous flagship device was the oppo find 7 which was released back in May 2014. There was no other flagship devices from then from then on.

But there are few leaks regarding their next flagship device oppo find 9.

Oppo find 9 leaks :

The oppo find 9 is rumored to launch in the month of June with the specs as follows –

Price : $610
Screen resolution : 4K ( 3840 × 2160 )
Storage : 128GB with SD card capability
Processor : Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 SoC
Camera : Smartcamera with super image stabilization
Charging : Super VOOC fast charging

So looking at the specs, it pretty impressive when compared to the leaks of the OnePlus 3 and when compared to the Mi’s flagship Mi5 it stands against it as a solid competitor.

Talking about the title – “A phone that charges in 15 minutes

According to the reports , the latest rumors about the oppo’s flagship device will support the VOOC rapid charging.

[ VOOC stands for – Voltage Open Loop Multi-step Constant-Current Charging ]

It is a technology which is created and patented by Oppo electronics and the VOOC technology allows you to charge the phone in under 15 mins.

100% in just 15 minutes. 

The VOOC supported devices like the Oppo find 7, Oppo find R7, Oppo find N3, Oppo F1 plus and the Oppo HA-2 are the models which support the VOOC capability and the current VOOC technology charges the VOOC supported devices from 0 to 75% in under 30 minutes.

We have no clue what sort of secrecy Oppo is doing. Since the Oppo has patented their VOOC technology, they are not licensing this technology to other companies. If this becomes true, we can see a smartphone which will have a battery which can guarantee 12 of screen-on-time and a smartphone which can charge under 15 minutes.

Here are some Oppo f9 leaked pictures :

Oppo f9 leaks oppo f9

This might be a revolution changer. What do you think?


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