Oneplus 7 leak

OnePlus 7 Leaks-See what the new onplus offers

Everyone is waiting for OnePlus 7 and we recently discovered some OnePlus 7 leaks. Some of them are confirmed while some are not.

I do not think i need to say anything about the popular oneplus and i am sure many of us are eagerly waiting for oneplus 7.
Let us take a look what new features we will be getting on the upcoming oneplus 7



Oneplus 7 leak

OnePlus 7 leaks points to a 6.5 inch display for the OnePlus 7, which is just a little larger than the 6.41 inch panel on the OnePlus 6T.



OnePlus always turns to the latest and greatest chips from Qualcomm, and the next on the horizon is the 7nm Snapdragon 855. OnePlus has already confirmed that it will be “one of the first” companies to use it.

The latest Snapdragon should provide strong gains over last year’s chip, providing improved performance for both single-core and multi-core computing needs.



oneplus 7 leak

The Oneplus 7 leaks suggest a triple-camera setup, which wouldn’t surprise us given how prevalent the trend is becoming on top-end Androids. There’s also speculation that OnePlus may introduce a 10x hybrid optical zoom camera on the OnePlus 7, or potentially a later model. Oppo showed off 10x zoom tech at MWC 2019, and Oppo’s hardware typically informs the OnePlus design.

The brand hasn’t announced much in the way of the hardware we can expect to find inside the OnePlus 7, although we do know the company has decided not to include wireless charging support. These renders don’t show a 3.5mm headphone jack or a fingerprint scanner either. The company’s last phone, the OnePlus 6T, ditched the headphone jack and included an in-display fingerprint sensor, so it’s likely that will remain the same for the OnePlus 7.

We also know that the OnePlus 7 will not be a 5G smartphone, although the company is indeed working on such a device. In fact, we saw a prototype for that phone at MWC 2019, albeit covered up in a glass casing.

Keep in mind that these OnePlus 7 renders are not official, so its possible the final design will be different. The phone is expected to launch in the first half of 2019. What do you make of this design? Let us know in the comments!

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