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OnePlus 3 – What we know so far.

OnePlus 3 :

OnePlus 3 is going to launch on June 14th , 10 PM. It’s official.  We have already talked about the leaks and specs of OnePlus 3 :

One Plus 3 rumors and leaks – 1
One Plus 3 rumors and leaks – 2 

As we know so far, there are two things which are confirmed :

  1. It is official that it is going to launch on June 14th. Ask how?
    op3 vr
  2. It is going to be an invite free sale.Which means no more waiting to get the invite then use the invite on the sale and purchase.

OnePlus 3 leaked specification :


Via : Android Authority

OnePlus 3 loop VR :

Last year, OnePlus hosted the world’s first ever VR launch for the OnePlus 2. This year, OnePlus has moved a step further and has planned to launch in VR with fully interactive and 3D VR event.

They have also listed their OnePlus Loop VR headset for just Rs. 1 for people to experience VR at literally no cost except the shipping charges.

Link : OnePlus Loop VR headset 

The sale is going to happen on 3rd of June and 7th of June respectively.
For the US they are giving it for free but shipping charge is on you.

US Link : OnePlus Loop VR Headset

Not just it, they have also made a new app just for the OnePlus 3 launch.

Link to Playstore : OnePlus 3 Launch: The Loop

Link to iTunes : To be updated soon


That’s it.

That’s everything you need to know about the OnePlus 3.


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