Need for proper SEO!

The Importance of Content For Search Engine Optimization

Keyword research, link building, analytics, social media, content marketing and blogging…this is all part and parcel of what we call SEO (search engine optimization), the art of getting people to visit your website and, in the best possible case, stay on it. But why should they visit your site exactly out of the billions of sites out there?

Web content and article writing is not the same thing

I’ll start with this point as it has occurred to me many people are not aware of this fact. Web content is not the same as article writing. When you see an ad that someone is looking for a blog and / or article writer, this is a level below a web content writer.

Medical billing as an example

Let’s say you have a medical billing business and you want to attract customers to your site. You could do one of two things: hire a blogger or hire a web content writer. A blogger would come cheaper. All you’d need to do is give him / her some keywords (that you found yourself on Google) and tell him / her how many words to write. For example, the keywords that rank the highest in Google are medical billing business, consulting services, medical providers, medical business solutions, benefits of outsourcing medical billing, medical billing in (insert city / state/ country here), management accounts, EMR, ICD-10 readiness, etc. As a result, you’d get something along the lines of, “When it comes to medical billing and consulting services of (city / state/ country), there is much to be said, both good and bad. In this article, I’m going to go over the basics of the medical billing business, solutions and other information related to medical billing. The medical billing business in this city is a closely knit community of professionals, dedicated to providing outstanding service to medical providers in the county. The services we offer suit all healthcare specialties. Ideally, we would be able to find a company that can provide we with fast, efficient service while increasing your revenues. This business is based on the prerequisite of collecting on time and removing the hurdles that lead to loss of income due to missing charges and underpricing. Using the services of a medical billing company means much more than having someone submit claims on your behalf. Proper billing requires a deep financial understanding of the practice and the operations it is involved in. Later on, I will provide information about some great medical business solutions that can be tailored to unique financial needs.


What are the benefits of outsourcing medical billing? First of all, medical billing companies verify insurance and generally offer quite a high collection rate – the top medical billing companies claim they have a 98% collection rate. Other benefits include customized monthly reports, 24/7 access to practice management accounts, EMR, ICD-10 readiness, and ideally timely and professional service.”


If you hire a content marketer, on the other hand, they would know how to arrange the keywords, where to use them, and exactly how many times. This all affects the outcome, in this case, your site’s ranking in Google, and the number of people who will visit your (in this case medical billing) site.

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