Motospeed inflictor ck 104

Motospeed inflictor CK 104 – Best bang for your buck!

Motospeed inflictor CK 104 :

Keyboards are the first thing that comes to any PC gamer or someone who types a lot like me. But most of the time, the budget doesn’t include PC peripherals. Eventually we regret it and stay along with the stock keyboards.

But when you’re the one who definitely wants a keyboard, whether typing or gaming Motospeed’s Inflictor CK104 comes into action. Hands down, when you look for a budget mechanical keyboard Motospeed inflictor CK104 is the best.

Looks :

The Motospeed Inflictor CK104 is a minimalist keyboard with a flat design and no extra fancy stuffs. The design is sleek, modern and the overall form factor of the keyboard is small when compared to other keyboards out there. If you’re the one looking for a good mechanical keyboard of small size, then this might be the one for you. The rubber feet at the bottom of the keyboard holds the keyboard tight thereby giving a better typing experience.

There are three different color variants available namely being silver, black and rose gold.

Design :

Motospeed inflictor ck104

The inflictor has an impressive yet a minimalistic design, which is not lacking in functionality or compromised with anything else. The keyboard has a width of 17 inches which is similar to most of the keyboards and thereby makes a lot of difference for typing by not cramping the keys together which can be seen in some of the keyboards.

Across the 17 inch width, the inflictor has a brushed aluminum back panel which increases the overall look and helps the RGB light to illuminate more. Each keys are well placed, in the sense it is very comfortable and convenient to type or game.

The floated key cap design makes the overall design and look even more better and making the LED to illuminate more which in turn makes it look brighter.

Keycaps :

The keycaps used in Motospeed inflictor CK104 are something similar to MX blue and to be honest they do their job right. The Outemu Blues switches are used in the inflictor. The clicks are clicky and loud which might be irritating for a few but in the long run, it is something which can be adjusted or get used. Just in case you wanted to use inflictor with less click sound, O-Rings can be used. The keycaps are so easy to remove thereby making everything easier in the sense, cleaning the keyboard wouldn’t be a difficult job anymore.

The clicks are satisfying and responsive. There hasn’t been any problem while inputting commands across the games or while typing. The Outemu Blue switches gives a true feel of a mechanical keyboard and according to sources, each switch has a lifespan of 50 million clicks.

Lighting :

Keeping everything aside, considering the price of this keyboard no one would expect such good & quality product at this price range. Even though there’s no software to control or edit the lighting of the keyboard, it is has some good lighting options but not complete customization like Razer or Corsair for example.

Coming to the point, the lighting options in the Motospeed Inflictor CK 104 are limited. There are 7 different lighting options which can be changed/cycled using FN+INS key. Each cycle can be cycled around 7 colors using FN+DEL key. This keyboard also has a windows lock key which could come handy while gaming.

People looking to buy keyboards at this price point will usually look for keyboards with a fixed backlight or a fixed shade of light. The Motospeed inflictor CK104 allows you to change different lighting options, change color of each cycle (7 colors) and it also allows you to increase or decrease the cycle speed or brightness.

Change cycle : FN + INS
Change cycle color : FN + DEL
Increase or decrease brightness of the LED : FN+ UP arrow or FN + Down arrow
Change the cycle speed : FN + Right arrow or FN + Left arrow
Turn off the backlight : FN + PS
Windows lock key : FN + Windows key

Conclusion :

There are lots and lots of keyboards that are there but when you’re the one looking for your first mechanical keyboard like i did, hands down this is the best. The keycaps are easy to remove and a remover is not even required. Thus  making everything easier. The keyboard also has a rubber feet which holds the keyboard tight while typing.

Huge thanks to Quark electronics for sending out the product for review.

Check out their facebook page : Quark electronics
Check out their website : Quark electronics
Buy here : Motospeed inflictor CK 104 



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