5 Motorcycle technology that makes riding effortless

How technology makes riding motorcycle easier and more interesting.
Riding a motorcycle through scenic places gives a sense of completeness.


With the increase in the number of motorcycles enthusiasts, many new inventions and technologies are being brought up to make motorcycle rides more interesting and convenient.

In this article, I going to share a few pieces of technology with which riding will be a lot of fun.


A good headlight makes riding easier.

Many of us would have been in such a situation where the vehicle coming from the opposite direction will have his headlights at high beam which will directly hit our eyes stopping us from seeing the road(this is more often experienced by Indian commuters).  Thus fixing adaptive headlights in our bikes is essential not only for us but also for other riders, it’s like a win-win situation. These adaptive headlights will possess various sensors that will adjust its brightness when it encounters another light source from the opposite direction. These headlights are raised at high speeds and lowered at slower speeds, which results in a wider beam for inner-city driving. As a result, driving at night is even safer, particularly when visibility is poor.

Currently, BMW has this technology in their cars.



We all will be familiar with the term smart helmet, as the name suggests it possess smart features that will help riders while riding.

A smart helmet will have built-in GPS(global positioning system) which will provide the rider with turn by turn navigation, windbreak microphone and Bluetooth speaker for hassle-free calls, music and uninterrupted rider to rider communication. All these aforesaid features are made possible through various sensors that are hiding beneath the helmet’s padding. And an app will control all these functions right from connecting the mobile phone with the helmet to navigating the rider to his/her destination. Moreover, this helmet will be weatherproof so that it will justice for the money spent by the rider on it.



Well, this might sound funny for many, a smart backpack? Why does a rider need a smart backpack?

I have answers to all these questions. A smart backpack will be designed in such a way of keeping the aerodynamics of the backpack in mind so that it will not be a hindrance to the rider while doing high speeds. Also, it is rigged with a hydration pack just to make the rider easily drink water on the go.


The backpack will be made of proper breathable material at the back to ensure the rider doesn’t feel any discomfort while touring. Another interesting and pivotal feature this backpack will have an airbag that will automatically deploy when the rider falls from the bike.




While riding, many of us will forget to turn off the indicators after use, this will not only create a bad impression on us among others on the road but will also confuse other riders. So, to eradicate this problem auto turn-off indicators can be installed on the bikes which will turn off by itself, so that the rider need not worry about remembering to turn them off.


Auto turn-off indicators are made possible by fixing a Gyroscope on the bike which will measure the tilt angles of the bike and will turn off the indicators once the bike tilts more than a specific angle.

Centralized APP:

Another cool piece of technology is the app that controls and monitors the whole bike. Right from tye pressure indicator to the engine’s health condition. This will help the riders get insight on their bike’s condition on the go and they can take steps in advance before the problem arises. This app is like the X-Ray of the bike it shows all the internal part’s conditions on the press of a button.


Sensors play an important role in many technological inventions. Even in this piece of tech, various sensors will be placed on different parts of the bike to assess it’s condition. This app is like the X-Ray of the bike it shows all the internal part’s conditions on the press of a button.


  •    The tyre will have small sensors on their nozzles which will detect the tyre pressure level.
  •    The fuel tank will have sensors on both sides of the tank which will give accurate fuel levels.
  •    The engine oil compartment will have a sensor to check the level of engine oil.
  •    Brake fluid level indicators.
  •    In the case of theft or any unforeseen situations, the rider can turn off or turn on the bike with a push of a button.
  •    The app will have the ability to detect a crash or accident and it will automatically send an SOS message to a contact saved by the rider, which will contain the location of the incident.
  • The app will give information like the nearest Petrol bunk, Service center, Police station, Hospital with the help of GPS.



At the end of the day, everything around the rider is becoming “smart” and many brands are showing up with a new piece of technology every day to make riding effortless. Hence it is up to us to opt for these technologies and ride safely.

Ride safe! Ride responsibly!




1. Is it really necessary to own this technology?

It is up to the rider, it will make riding more fun and easy.

2. How well will the adaptive headlights work?

They will work well, right now BMW has this technology on their cars and is planning to bring them on their tourer model motorcycles.

3. How fast do the airbags on the backpack explode?

They are capable of exploding in less than a second.

4. Is the airbag feature available on any other riding accessories?

Yes, there are few riding suits and jackets that have airbags in them.

5. Is any of the above-mentioned tech available in the market?

Currently, few brands are selling the smart helmet, but the other techs are on the verge of experimentation.

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