Here’s everything you need to know about Mi Notebook Pro

Mi Notebook Pro :

As you all know, last year Mi launched the Mi Notebook Air which targeted the Apple Macbook air which with its small form factor and pretty decent specs.

Mi Notebook Air – Everything you need to know

But this year, Xiaomi is back with another laptop which is designed to compete with the Apple’s Macbook Pro. And this applies for both specs, name and design.

The Mi Notebook Pro comes with a 15.6 inches 1080p display with narrow bezels paired with the Intel’s latest Quad-Core i7 processor and supports RAM up to 16GB. Storage wise, it has an option up-to 1TB of SSD and Graphic wise, it comes with Nivida’s GeForce MX150 graphics card.

When there’s a competition, Xiaomi makes sure that it’s even.

The Mi Notebook pro also has a fingerprint sensor built into the precision trackpad and port wise, this notebook has 2 USB-C ports, 2 regular USB ports, and a full sized HDMI port.

The base variant starts at $980 or 6399 Yuan or 63,000 Rupees.  As we all know Xiaomi doesn’t clearly provide when and how the laptop will be available for the people. And the previous laptop, The Mi Notebook Air was sold only in China, maybe same would happen for this laptop as well.

In my point of view, this laptop is a great laptop when the price is considered it’s worth it. There are better laptops in this price range, but this would definitely stand out as it did in its previous laptop, the Mi Notebook Air.


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