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Mafia 3 – Another interesting game

Mafia 3 :

The seventh day of October 2016 shall be known as yet another important date for the fans of the Mafia series developed by 2K Media. The third installment of this action-adventure series is set to go on shelves this october. The fans can’t wait to get their hands on this game after waiting for 6 years for a sequel.

Mafia III is set to occur in the year 1968 at New Orleans. In this installment of the crime based RPG the players get to take control of Lincoln Clay, an orphan and a war veteran of the vietnam war. This is the first game of the series to feature a protagonist of a non-Italian lineage. Though he is not the main character in this game, fans do get to see Vito Scaletta aiding Clay in his mission to go against the Italian mob for attempting to murder him. Just like all the other mafia game’s even this game shall have an open map interface and the player can interact with almost all the elements available in the game. We can also learn that the game is going to be more interactive as players get to use in-game objects as cover during shootout and the protagonist can interact with almost anyone found inside the game.

This game is set to released for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Playstation 4 and Xbox One and it is going to be a single player game just like any other game from the series. We can obviously look forward to DLC’s once the game is released and hope that this game will be a huge success like its seniors.

In India, the game is priced at Rs.999 for the normal version and Rs.1,320 for the deluxe version.
(These are the pre-order prices and they might change or might not change)

Will the sequel be another great series of the mafia?

Mafia on steam : Mafia 3 PC
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