kingston HyperX Savage 8gb ddr3 2400mhz review

Brand : Hyper X
Model : Hyper X Savage 8GB DDR3 2400MHz
Price : Rs.9500 on

Starting off, the Kingston HyperX Savage DDR3 is an old model RAM considering it is DDR3. But for the motherboards that support only up to DDR3 memory like mine (MSI Z97 GAMING 3 MOTHERBOARD) it’s one of the best. The Savage memory stick offers high performance and a sleek design with heatsink & Black PCB which makes it look nice. Kingston being a gaming brand and its stability over gaming products has been amazing for the past few years. Personally, I use the Corsair Vengence 1600Mhz which is pretty comparable to this model.

Specifications :

# Capacity 4GB–8GB (single), 8GB–32GB (kits)
# Frequency speed 1600MHz, 1866MHz, 2133MHz and 2400MHz
# CAS latency CL9-CL11
# Voltage 1.5V, 1.65V
# Operating temperature 0°C to 85°C
# Storage temperature -55°C to 100°C
# Dimensions 133.35mm x 32.8mm
# Compatible with H67, H97, P67, Z68, Z77, Z87, Z97 and H61
Intel chipsets, as well as A75, A87, A88, A89, A78 and E35 AMD

My Impression :

The look of the RAM stands out with the shiny red color and the black PCB. And considering the decently sized form factor, this RAM Stick can probably fit in any rig without any problem.
Considering the technical specs, they’re really a solid RAM and if you already have a 1600MHz RAM like I do, there’s not much of a difference. The major differences include latency, bandwidth, and minor performance boost. And to mention, the difference is really less. So if you calculate the worth for the money you spend, I’d personally not spend some extra amount for some higher clockspeed.

If you are the one who’s looking for the best, there are plenty other better RAM’s available with higher clock speeds and memory class. But if you are building a PC that supports only DDR3 memory, well then this can be one of the best options to choose between among the best RAMs available out there.

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