[UPDATE] iPhone 6s – Material and imaginations!

Recently, the best un-boxer on planet a.k.a Unbox Therapy posted a video showing in-depth material comparison of the iPhone 6 and the upcoming iPhone 6s. It revealed to have a huge amount of Zinc in the new iPhone 6s and much more stronger too, The iPhone 6′ casing bent at 30 pounds and the new iPhone 6s’ case bent at 80 pounds. That’s a lot of pressure. Imagine when the phone is fully finished. The fully functional iPhone 6 bent at 70 pounds and just the casing of the new upcoming iPhone 6s bent at 80 pounds.

Looking at the price range, the new iPhone 6s will definitely cost a fortune. Just kidding, the material used in it is a non-corrosive Zinc which costs 5 times the cost of the material used in the iPhone 6.

So here’s the video :

And that’s no it! The tech allrounder Jonathan Morrison posted a video about what’s gonna be updated. In the sense, new things and peoples views on the new iPhone 6s. Here’s the video :

The hype is really on and the reports say that the iPhone 6s is to be released on the 9th of September!

The day is not too far away, so let’s wait up and see what happens!

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