HyperX mouse, how good are they?

Recently I got the opportunity to review two of the premium mice from HyperX one of them being Pulsefire FPS and the other being Pulsefire FPS pro. HyperX is one of the best brand for headphones, well known by gamers right? But when it comes to mice, you’ll have a small doubt in your mind whether to go for it or not.


Both the mice are well built and premium looking mice that have common things between the two models with very little difference in them. Coming to the grips of the mouse, both the mice are perfect for claw grips as the center of the mouse is kind of elevated which makes better for claw grips whereas me me being a tip grip kind of person, it does work out. Basically for a tip grip, I believe no mice are going to be that hard to get used to.

Aesthetic and look wise, both the HyperX pulsefire FPS and the HyperX pulsefire FPS pro are very  similiar or both looks the same. The HyperX pulsfire FPS is RBG whereas the other is not, the HyperX pulsefire is plain red. Both the mice have their DPI switches right above the above the scroll wheel.

Both the mice have enough space & textured grip on the left for your thumbs to rest and click the two customizable buttons on the left.  Built quality wise, both the mice are well built and rage proof 😛 so don’t worry to bang your mouse couple times haha. The mice also has braided cables that promises to stay long and doesn’t tear off any time soon.

Customizability : The HyperX Ngenuity allows you to customize the complete features of the mouse such as DPI, acceleration and what not. The HyperX pulsefire FPS also has the option to customize the RGB of the mouse and also has various presets to notify health in few games and the two extra buttons on the left allows complete customizability.

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