HyperX Cloud core review!

If you are a gamer or follow eSports, you might have come across Kingston. They are well known for computer related products like SSD & more though they are not completely into it. If you are a gamer, you should have come across Kingston’s brand HyperX who sponsor for most of the gaming event these days.

Now, we are going to have a look at the ever classic Headset , the HyperX Cloud Core.

HyperX Cloud Core :


Despite the headset released probably two years back, it is still one of the solid gaming headset you can go for. This is also one of the best seller headset in the market as well. But the new HyperX cloud stinger is a cheaper alternative for the same audio drivers and non-removable microphone.

Built :

The Cloud Core’s built quality is really good and the headset can take a beating and still look fine. The overall headset is built with a metal frame which is made of lightweight aluminium which makes it really sturdy.

The aluminium headband is covered with memory foam which makes it comfortable, that combined with leatherette (Artificial leather) ear cushions makes it even more comfortable.

What’s in the box :

Inside the box you get the headset with 1m long cable and a 2m long splitter cable, and a removable mic. The cables are braided and doesn’t tangle that easily. The cables can also take a lot of beating which makes it completely set for rage 😛

Sound quality :

This is a perfect headset for any purpose, be gaming or listening to music. The ear cup covers the whole ear and blocks little outside noise and thereby makes it easier to pickout footsteps and even little sounds. Coming to the music part, it has good levels, bass and this makes it decent for listening to music as well. The separate audio splitter makes it convenient to use it for music as you don’t need to carry the huge cable hanging around.

Voice quality :

The removable microphone does it’s work way  more than you judge it by its looks. There are many websites where they say it catches background noise, but as far as i used i didn’t face any such issues.

As you can see in the screen shot, i use voice activity and most of the time, there’s a lot of background noise like TV running on high volume but still it doesn’t pick up those. No matter if the surrounding is quiet or noisy, it delivers the same quality audio via the mic.

Final verdict :

This headset gets a tick mark of all the requirements one look for while purchasing one. Good sound quality, Good built quality, Good mic and braided cables!

This headphones go for Rs.5,500 on Amazon.in and you can get them for cheaper if you look around in the offline.

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