HyperX cloud Alpha

HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro gaming headset review

Well, It’s 2019 and the HyperX brand has made themself as the best headphones anyone could get, atleast in India. Personally using HyperX cloud II for over 2 years now, I’m yet to use the second pair of earpads that they have provided in the box.

Comfort and feel :

HyperX cloud Alpha

Being a happy owner of Cloud II for over 2 years, the HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro felt much more comfortable first hand and that would be the first thing that would come to my mind when someone asks about these pair of headphones.

Compared to the previous headphones, this definitely has the better-cushioned earpads, headband. Size wise, this is a bit smaller, which makes it a good fit and way more comfortable.

The build quality is as strong as a tank with a good build solid aluminum frame for structure, well-textured matte plastic and they are just meant to last (With very little maintenance). As we all know these headphones come with a replaceable microphone, earcups, cable.

Audio & Mic Quality :

Simply put, this is the best Analogue headset with this kind of sound quality. Let it be streaming some movie or watching a YouTube video, it’s all good. Playing CSGO or Overwatch, the sound is critical for both these games. PC or Console or Mobile, this headphone never fails to deliver the best audio in any circumstance. Cloud Series microphones are pretty decent and with my broken fan which made loud noise, my friends on the other side of the discord server or my gaming teammates never hear any disturbances.

Conclusion :

Except for the color options part where the HyperX Cloud Alpha pro is available only in the Red-Black combination whereas the previous best headies aka Cloud II was available in different combinations.

You can buy the headphones here : Click here

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