HyperX Alloy FPS pro keyboard review : Small & powerful

HyperX has been going hard on making the gaming accessories and initial thought would not be impressive. But HyperX has got it efforts right to make good keyboards, this being the second keyboard that I have reviewed at dotdashes.com I can guarantee their keyboards are too good for the price you pay.

Let’s just stop talking too much and get to the review itself.

Starting of with the design and structure of the keyboard, the keyboard itself is very small with enough keyspaces that don’t confuse you when you shift from other keyboards. The Alloy PRO FPS is a plain colored keyboard with NO Number pad with a very basic look but powerful inside. Backlighting wise, this keyboard has red backlight with different backlighting modes. Also, since this is the budget version of the Elite keyboard with Cherry MX Red’s at this price range is just amazing but you will have to sacrifice few features like Num Pad, Wrist rest, dedicated media buttons and especially RGB which has become an essential nowadays.

But the HyperX alloy FPS is the on-the-go keyboard if you are a frequent traveler this is hands-down the best keyboard you can key because the of the portability and the removable cable which lets you manage your wires much more easily and get a replacement if needed. In fact, the keyboard itself comes with a good quality braided cable for power which is pretty useful and easy to carry.

HyperX alloy FPS keyboard keys :

Hyper x alloy fps pro red switches

The keyboard rocks the authentic Cherry MX reds and has other key options where you can choose the tactile browns or the click blues. This keyboard was tested by me for a week and during that period, even though it was a new keyboard for me I managed to get a typing score of 59 words per minute.

The keys feel soft and comfy while typing but it took me to get to used to. With my main personal keyboard which is the Motospeed CK 104, I get around 70 to 80 words per minute.

Bottom line :

For a price of Rs.7000 this is a pretty decent keyboard if you are looking for an authentic MX cherry keyboard with portability. There are lots of cheaper keyboards out there but with knock-off switches. Click here to check out the keyboard.





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