HyperX Alloy Elite RGB Review – Silent beast!

HyperX was one of the best brand for headphones initally right?

But HyperX learned over the ages and this is a overkill of the HyperX’s previous keyboard HyperX alloy FPS b which launched during the late 2016.

Coming back to the review, the HyperX Alloy Elite RGB which is priced at Rs.13,899 on Amazon which might seem pricey but for those who are looking out for keyboard that can serve you good for both the typing purpose and gaming purpose, this is the best and probably overkill.

Hyper X Alloy Elite RGB Review :

Build & Feel : 

The keyboard is really large occupying more space when compared to my main keyboard Motospeed CK104. And it’s really heavy which keeps the keyboard in position and doesn’t move away when you are gaming thereby avoiding frequent re positioning during gaming.

The letters are spaced really well that took me a while to get used to my previous keyboard which didn’t have much space between each keys.

Key caps :

While the previous keyboard (Motospeed CK104) uses Outemu Blues which is supposed to be a replica of MX blues, HyperX maintains it’s standards by using the proper MX keys that alone makes this keyboard worth it as the MX keys are the best in standard for any gaming keyboard in the market.

Upon my testing with the HyperX Alloy Elite RGB with countless hours of gaming and countless words typed with it, Its silent, sleek and gives the best feel for typing.

Additional accessories provided includes the Wrist rest which is made of plastic and to be honest it feels good without the wrist rest.

RGB Mode & hotkeys :

The Ngenuity software allows you to customize your HyperX products and for your keyboard, it allows you to customize the complete lighting of your keyboard right from complete RGB mode to your own lighting pattern.

Apart from that the keyboard also has dedicated media keys to play, pause, previous, next and the most important of all the volume slider which is HUGE but really works well and after shifting this keyboard to my older one my hand always went to that volume slider very often ;-;

Conclusion: If you are the one looking for that sleek premium keyboard then this is the one. Else if you are like me looking just for the mechanical keyboard, there are hundereds of options available in the market for you. Also, this is one of the best keyboards ive used in ages which feels good considering the competition in the PCMR.


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