Hyper Pulsefire FPS mouse in 2019?

HyperX as a mouse brand has been little sceptical as they are mainly a headphones and audio brand. But now the brand is just more than headphones. They now have keyboard, mouse,  microphones and more.

So, talking about the mouse the Hyper X pulsefire FPS is the shape as similar as the Razer deathadder which is an advantage for Razer users as they have an option to look out for under the same body or shape.

But it’s not exactly the same as the Razer deathadder, there are differences of course. The slope on the right is sharp on deathadder whereas it’s smoother and gives better feeling on hand.

The sensor wise, the Hyper X pulsefire FPS packs the Pixart 3310 sensor which is still being used in Zowie’s mouses. So Hyper X pulsefire FPS has got into a good game by using classic sensors which ended up being the best part of the mouse.

The mouse feels great on hands and fits perfectly when compared to my main mouse Steelseries Rival 300. DPI wise, the mouse maxes out at 3200 DPI and has 4 DPI options which is 400,800,1600 and 3200 which can be adjusted with the button which is right above the scroll wheel. But the sad part is that the DPI options are the default and cannot be customized. But the updated version which is the Hyper X plusefire FPS pro which has completely customizable DPI options & RGB. That becomes the downside of the mouse where the mouse goes software free approach.

Coming to a conclusion, the Hyper X FPS is logically a deathadder mouse with a 3310 sensor inside. Packing 5 buttons and light weight body and the software approach might be good for people who travel with the mouse on the go or for someone who doesn’t want to mess with the software each time when they use the mouse. So, overall the Hyper X pulse fire FPS is a good mouse for Rs.3500 bucks .

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