New battery fuel that can make your iPhone last a week!

Yes. The title is all about a new technology which can make you iPhone battery last a week. The report says that a British company called Intelligent Energy has cracked the fuel cell miniaturization, means that the cells have become even more smaller that it can even fit into a hydrogen battery into an iPhone 6 without disturbing the original rechargeable battery inside. The hydrogen battery is said to have the capability to hold the battery last upto a week without having charge it!

The only problems spotted while testing was that it there will be some water vapour emitted through the vents at the back. And talking about the infrastructure, there’s a problem. The current version of Intelligent Energy’s hardware reports that the it refuels the hydrogen battery via the headphone jack. Using the headphone jack may or may not disable the headphone jack and they didn’t confirm since this is still a prototype.
The pricing hasn’t been announced or the compatibility with other devices hasn’t been confirmed yet. So to know more, stay tuned!


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