Huawei has announced a macbook look alike laptop!

Huawei Matebook series :

If you are that person who wants a Mac to run windows, this is the laptop for you. Chinese telecom giant Huawei has recently announced a macbook look alike laptop. The company announced two new laptops, The Matebook X and the Matebook D.

Huawei Matebook X :

The Matebook X is an ultra thin fan-less hybrid that has a 13 inch screen and looks almost like the 12 inch Macbook pro. The Windows 10 despite its size, the specs are almost similar to the higher end Macbook pro.

The hybrid laptop is based on Intel U series processor and has a 2K (2160 x 1440) resolution screen. The choice of processor can either be Intel i5 or i7 and it’s powered by 8GB of RAM. The keyboard is chiclet type keyboard and it is back-lit as well. The only ports present in this laptop are two Type C ports and this laptop ships along with multi port adapter. The battery is estimated to last for around 10 or so hours.

The Matebook X with splash-proof screen along with fingerprint reader is priced between $1570 – $1900 which is around Rs. 1,02,000 – 1,24,000 depending upon the specs you choose.

Huawei Matebook D :

The Huawei Matebook D on the other hand is a full sized 15 inch laptop targeted for the mid-range users. When compared to the Matebook X it is not 2K, the Matebook D has a 1080p screen and same processor choice and RAM choice. The processor can be either a i5 or an i7 and the RAM can be either 8GB or 16GB depending upon what you are willing to pay. And other than that, the Matebook D also has a dedicated graphics card , the Nvidia GeForce 940 MX which isn’t that great since its old but it’d be great for some casual gaming on laptop.

Despite its size, the Matebook D has full sized USB port, USB C and HDMI ports. The Matebook D is expected to go for sale for $900 – $1200 which is roughly between Rs. 58,000 to Rs.72,000.

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