HP Spectre the worlds thinnest laptop

Behold The Worlds Thinnest Laptop:

HP unveiled the worlds thinnest laptop the HP Spectre 13 laptop and its actually really good. Unlike other laptops such as the Macbook 2015 or the ASUS UX305 The HP Spectre does not have Intel’s mobile Core M processors  but instead packs The Core I line of processors. The laptop is 10.4 mm at its thickest points and weighs at around 2.45 lbs (1.10 Kilograms) . The laptop has a 1080p 13.3 inch IPS LCD display with a backlit keyboard that has 1.3 mm of travel and a multi touch glass trackpad. It packs either an Intel Core i5-6200U or an Intel Core i7-6500U. It comes with 8GB of ram that is soldered to the motherboard and has upto 512GB of solid state storage.  The laptop offers 9 hrs of battery life and there are stereo speakers on the side of the keyboard by Bang & Olufsen.



The Trade off:

The main trade off here is the presence of three USB C ports rather than the USB 3.0 ports that we are used to and its far far better than having just a single USB C port (damn you apple). This is not all bad since USB C is highly versatile and the presence of three such ports is awesome but it sucks cause now you need a few adapters to use the old USB devices. Two of the three ports also supports Thunderbolt 3. So this is not in any way bad it just needs getting used to. One of the USB C ports also doubles as the charging port.



My Thoughts about it:

Its amazing what HP has done with this laptop considering the size its the thinnest laptop in the world and its trade offs are not bad and unlike other notebooks The HP Spectre does not sacrifice performance or functionality for form and design. The weirdest thing about this laptop though is the presence of the headphone jack in the back. why just why ????

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