Here’s how you can check train PNR status from Whatsapp

Being an Indian traveling in Indian railways is one of the most common thing. And for tracking various things like PNR status, seat availability you might use various third party websites or apps. There are many famous websites which provide these services but it might take a lot of time and since most of the Indians check them through mobile it won’t be optimized. What if I say there’s one very simple way to check train PNR status from WhatsApp?

MakeMyTrip PNR status from WhatsApp

Check train PNR status on WhatsApp

MakeMyTrip, one of the largest travel and hotel booking app in India has launched the new Whatsapp Train PNR checking service. MakeMyTrip allows you to check the complete train information about the train you have booked tickets right from WhatsApp itself! How amazing is that.

Here’s how you can check train PNR status from WhatsApp

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1. Save the mobile number +917349389104 as a contact.

2. Open WhatsApp with active internet connection.

3. Send a Hi message to the contact you created to initialize the bot. Once you send the message, it will reply you with the instructions on how to use the bot.

4. You can check the live train status from WhatsApp by sending the sending the train number & you can check the PNR status on WhatsApp by sending PNR <10 Digit PNR number> to check the live status.

5. Once you send the train number, you will get all the updates about the train including the train details, Schedules, current status, arrival time, expected departure. If you want to stop the updates, you can simply stop by replying STOP to the chat.

If you worry about the authenticity of the information sent by the bot as the information is delivered with the IRCTC. So this option can come handy when you want to check the train status by simply opening WhatsApp to check the train PNR status with the app almost everyone uses i.e. WhatsApp.


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  1. I was not aware of that Makemytrip trip. I have planned many trip through them but never tried this Train PNR trick.

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