What is HDR video – HDR to YouTube.


HDR – High dynamic range

Basically, you would’ve known the term ‘HDR’ in the photography field. HDR photography is a set of techniques that a camera processes to get an awesome image. Awesome here may be considered “wow factor” or “Unrealistic”. It’s because it takes a series of photos in your device and combines them into something a human eye wouldn’t normally see. It’s something technology helps us here to see unreal things.

HDR image looks like this :

What is hdr video

Hdr video

What is HDR ?

HDR or High dynamic range is the process of taking an overexposed image and an underexposed image in series then weaving them all together to form a single image into something totally different than what you actually see.

HDR can either be a 3 series or 5 series image, and it depends upon the lighting situation and intensity. The HDR photography has been evolving  ever since then.

HDR in a video?

The HDR video is a similar concept but needs extra work and the final output won’t be a HDR video. It can be done in two ways. Either using two cameras with a high exposure in one camera and a lower exposure in the other. When combined, they give you the exact or better result than the normal HDR photos. Or it can be done using the 3D camera and can be reapplied to the video.

Soviet Montage Productions,  a production company used two EOS 5D Mark II DSLRs and a beam splitter which helps the camera to see the exact same thing from the exact same angle as opposed to 3D.


This photo above shows the required photos to make a proper HDR image or video. Talking about the HDR video support to smartphones, it’s unknown.

HDR video to YouTube?

With almost devices and software’s support with the HDR facility or feature, it was only a matter of time to the world’s biggest video platform to introduce the HDR option to YouTube.

Youtube logo

While HDR term becoming more like a buzzword, it’s most likely going to make a huge difference when it is seen in the photo and in the video. According to Mashable, Robert Kyncl YpuTube’s Chief Business Officer confirmed that their service will soon roll out support for HDR allowing streamers to watch videos in a lot more detail. So lets wait for HDR YouTube.




  1. This is kind of interesting, because, let it be for images or videos, it usually depends on the screen size to analyse the proper quality. If I’m viewing something on my mobile phone, I don’t usually see much quality difference, whereas when I see some YouTube videos from my desktop, I make sure I pick the best quality one. 4K is the future they said, hope the 2016 smartphones will get a taste of it.

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