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Get Jio Sim

Free Reliance Jio 4G

Hack: Get Reliance Jio Sim Card for your Android.

UPDATE: Jio sim now available without coupon code generation.

However, if you still wish to generate coupon to get Jio sim you can follow the procedure. Recently, Reliance’s Chairman Mukesh Ambani has announced the official launch of the most awaited Jio 4G sim that will not only offer an amazing internet speed, but also offers to change the face of Telecommunication Industry in  the coming years for India.  As a part of its marketing strategy, popularly known as Reliance Jio Preview Offer, Reliance is offering its Jio sim cards for free, with three months of unlimited internet data and voice calling, to selected smart phone giants like Samsung, LG and many others. Despite of the news that Jio Sim cards are now being made available to all the 4G compatible phones, the Digital Xpress and other Reliance Stores have denied to provide us with one. Fortunately, there is a simple trick to Get Jio Sim by producing a coupon code from the official MyJio app.

This will make your phone eligible for the Jio Preview offer and thus you will get the Jio Sim with unlimited high speed data, calls and texts spanning for a period of 90 days. This code is officially generated by Reliance and hence is legal and genuine. It has to be presented before your nearby Reliance store, who will then activate your Sim in an approximate time of 15 min. The code is generally valid for 15 days from the day it has been produced. Let’s stop with all the formalities and get started with the interesting part – the trick!

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Step 1: Uninstall the Previous versions of MyJio App

  • If you have downloaded the MyJio App from Play Store or any other market, kindly uninstall it. You can’t Get Jio Sim with the Latest version of the app.

  • Don’t uninstall any other Jio app. Just uninstall the MyJio app, because that is the lone app that will generate you a coupon.

Step 2: Install my version of the MyJio App. 

  • Download the old version of the app from here. Now, install it. Also make sure that Auto-update in playstore for the app is turned off.

  • This version has a bug that generates the code when the following conditions are met.


Step 3: Download all Jio Apps.

  • When you open the app, you will see that there are other apps of Jio being listed on the screen. To get Jio Sim, you will have to install them all. It’s going to cost you around 200 MB of data and few minutes of time, but trust me it’s worth it.

  • Fortunately, there is an “Install All” button that will take you to all the app’s link in the play store, one by one, till you have downloaded them all.

Get Jio Sim


Step 4: Important: Switch off your Wifi or Data Connection.

  • Basically, make sure that your mobile is not connected to the internet in anyway. Otherwise, the MyJio app will ask you for an update and you will not be able to proceed any further.

Step 5: Close Running and cached processes of Jio Apps.

  • Go to Setting → Apps → Running Process.

  • You will see a list of running processes. Whenever you see a Jio App on the list like Jio money, Jio Security, etc. close it. Make sure that none of the Jio App is remaining on the list.

  • Do the same with cached processes. If you don’t know how to do that, click on the three dot menu (Lollipop and above) and you will find it there. For KitKat and below users: You show see it on the same screen as shown in the screen.

  • This is a very crucial step to stop MyJio from asking for updates.

Step 4: Get Jio Sim

Step 6: Almost Done: Launch MyJio

  • Make sure your wifi/data is still turned off. Launch MyJio App now. The screen will look the same, don’t worry. Click on MyJio, the first on the screen.

  • Yes, you will see the “ Get Jio Sim ” clickable option on your screen along with “Sign Up/Sign In”. Don’t Click on it. If you see it, don’t.

Step 6: Get Jio Sim

Step 7: Turn On Wifi/ Data. Done. Get Jio Sim.

  • Now, turn your data on.

  • Wait for few seconds after your phone has completely connected to the internet.

  • It’s the perfect time for you to click on “Get Jio Sim”. Don’t delay too much, or else the app will prompt for an update. Don’t be too early, the coupon will not be generated. You may see some popups and alerts saying there was an error and so and so…. Just click “OK” and wait. You will see the Terms and Conditions page. Agree to the terms, your coupon will be generated and you will find the instructions.

  • To find the nearest Reliance store, wait for the map to load on the screen ( A Map will appear on your screen once the coupon is generated ) or shift to “List View.”

End: Get Jio Sim


#1: If the screen is plain after you have clicked on “Get Free Sim”, your page hasn’t loaded. Go back (Don’t close the app) and click on “Get Jio Sim” again.

#2:  If there is a flash for an update, go back and stop all running processes related to the app.  Come back, turn on Wifi and try again.

#3: Okay look! Because many people had this Our System Couldn’t Process Your Transaction problem, I tried re-generating the coupon for me. This is what I did:

1. I followed what I wrote.
2. I switched on the wifi on my phone.
3. I waited for the Wifi symbol on my status bar to appear.
4. I waited further till I saw this “Sign in/ Sign up” blink.
5. I immediately clicked on this “Get Jio Sim” and there I was.
6. It totally worked fine for me. Maybe you must be patient while clicking on this “Get Jio Sim”.

#4: Coupon is Already redeemed:

Don’t worry. You are not alone. Many people are having this problem. In this case you will have to request the Reliance Store to Whitelist your IMEI number for your already redeemed coupon code.

Do this:

1. Call the Jio Customer support: 1800 88 99999. Note: Airtel and some other Carriers has already blocked Jio numbers and so you will not be able to call on this number. This is a bad thing. Try it from you carrier and hope that you get lucky.

2. If the number is blocked, then you have three options:

I. Get someone who has a Jio sim and call the customer care at 1800 88 99999

II. Go the Reliance store. If the team there is good enough, you are lucky. Ask them to provide you with their phone to contact customer care. Explain to them about how you are having problems contacting them.

III. This is the bad way. If you believe the guys over the Store are rude enough, you become smart. Go to them and bluff that you have spoken to the customer care. TEll them that they have instructed you to inform the Reliance Store to [either] WhiteList your IMEI number for the phone in which you generated the coupon [or] send an email to them with your redeemed coupon code and IMEI number, requesting to re-generate a new coupon for the same.



IMPORTANT: The coupon code has been saved to your gallery automatically. Check for it. Also, Don’t uninstall other apps till you have actually redeemed the coupon with the store.

Hope it helped. If you have any problem, let me know in the comments section.



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