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GBWhatsApp download – Everything you need to know + Download link [2019]

GBWhatsApp is easily one of the most used WhatsApp mod and one of the greatest WhatsApp mod that is available for Android devices. With GBWhatsApp downloaded on your smartphone, you can access cool features & enable different tricks on WhatsApp with GBWhatsApp.

To start off, let’s understand what is GBWhatsApp.

What is GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp is a mod for the famous messaging application WhatsApp which has over 89+ million downloads on PlayStore alone. GBWhatsApp allows you to enable new features over WhatsApp and helps to enable new functions to the ever famous instant messaging and chat application WhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp is basically the modified version of WhatsApp but has not been created by the original developers nor has the permission/authorization to use it’s source code. So it is highly suggested to use the modified version of WhatsApp at your own risk.

This modded version of WhatsApp can get you some interesting features & functions for WhatsApp. So here are the top features of GBWhatsApp :

  • Enhanced privacy options : New options are enabled in the modded version of WhatsApp where we get new features & options to control our privacy on WhatsApp like hiding our status, hiding the double blue tick and even enabling single tick while you are online.
  • Looks modfication : GBWhatsApp allows you to modify the app according to your wish right from the font, it’s color to the size of the font. Enhanced looks that can never be achieved on WhatsApp can be achieved using the modded version of WhatsApp.
  • Multi SIM : With GBWhatsApp, using multiple numbers at the same time without having to use two SIM cards is possible. This really comes in handy for those who are using smartphones that are limited to a single SIM card.
  • Root access not required :  The best feature about GBWhatsApp is that it doesn’t require the root access thereby the users who’s smartphones aren’t rooted can enjoy the enhanced version of WhatsApp on their non-rooted smartphone.Now that we have seen few of the top features of GBWhatsApp, let’s move on to the process of how to download GBWhatsApp.

How to download GBWhatsApp :

To make the whole process easy, I have shared the latest version of GBWhatsApp in this article. With the download links, you can download any of the GBWhatsApp version that suits yiur needs. The link of GBWhatsApp will be updated regularly. The current link shared below is the GBWhatsApp link 6.85 version and thereby you can download the latest version of GBWhatsApp APK right from here :

GBWhatsApp version 6.85 APK :

You can download the latest version of GBWhatsApp 6.85 APK right from this page. This version of modded WhatsApp allows us to use the older version of emojis instead of the ugly emojis which is currently present in WhatsApp.

App Name GBWhatsApp
Last Updated 9th April 2019
App Developer GBMODs

GBWhatsApp version 6.85 download stats :

Downloads 5 Million +
App size 28.41MB
Previous version GBWhatsApp 6.70

GBWhatsApp latest APK download

Previous version GBWhatsApp download : GBWhatsApp version 6.70 

Top features of GBWhatsApp 6.85 APK :

With the latest 2019 update for GBWhatsApp 6.85, let’s talk about the new features that has been added in the update. Here’s the latest changelog of GBWhatsApp version 6.85.

(Note : the changelog can also be checked by opening the settings of GBWhatsApp)

  • New Base updated to 2.18.327
  • Stickers enabled
  • Exclusive No More Forward Tag to the opposite person even if you forward
  • Exclusive @mention Icon on main screen to easily know where you are tagged
  • Exclusively improved option to block calls with or without showing the ringing to opposite person
  • Exclusively added new option to Select Part Message (Mod 1.2.2)
  • Enabled Swipe to reply
  • Added option to set duration to revoke message notification
  • Revoke message notification (Mod 6.8)
  • Added themed stickers tab
  • Fixed hidden chats showing in calls tab
  • Fixed square pics

And lot’s more!

How to install GBWhatsApp on Android ?

Now that we have seen the top features of GbWhatsApp 6.85, let’s see how to install GBWhatsApp on Android. This will guide you on how to install the APK to activating the GBWhatsApp version 6.85 successfully.

Before starting the installation guide, the third party installation access has to be enabled and provide access to unknown sources.

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If you don’t know how to enable it, it’s pretty simple. You will have to go to the phone settings and select the security option. Under the security option, you can provide access to installing third party applications by tapping on to the unknown sources & allow it.

The modded version of WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp will work on both rooted and non-rooted Android smartphones. The app is well optimized and built for Android devices specially. If you are using any other Smartphone OS, It’s harder to install. So, let’s see how to install GBWhatsApp 6.85 on your Android smartphone.

GBWhatsApp 6.85 APKStep 1: Download the latest version of GBWhatsApp 6.85 from the above shared link.




GBWhatsAPp 6.85 installationStep 2 : Install the downloaded APK just like any other app installation. You can find the  downloaded APK in your downloads or open ES File Explorer and find the recently downloaded APK.



GBWhatsApp 6.85 how to installStep 3 : Once the Installation process is completed, just tap on install. Once the installation is over, it will show that the app has been installed.




GBWhatsApp APK not installingStep 4: Now open the app and do the same process as how it is done in WhatsApp. It will ask you to enter the OTP number. You can receive the OTP via SMS or if the SMS doesn’t come, you can receive the OTP via call.



GBWhatsApp apk download 2019Step 5: Now the installation is over and verification has been done via OTP, you are finally done and you can use the amazing features in GBWhatsApp 6.85. Keep updating the app and update your GBWhatsApp to the latest version to enjoy all the features. New updates gets released every month with tons of new features.

How to update GBWhatsApp to the latest version?

In case you want to update to the latest GBWhatsApp to enjoy all the new features, you can follow these simple steps. To get the latest version of GBWhatsApp to your inbox, subscribe to Dotdashes newsletter and find the latest link for GBWhatsApp right in your inbox. So, here’s how you can update GBWhatsApp to the latest version :

  • Download the latest GBWhatsApp APK
  • Install the app
  • Once installed, automatically it will over-ride on the older version of the app
  • Un-installation of older version of GBWhatsApp is not required

Note: Please download the GBWhatsApp APK from trust & reliable sources. Few contain malware & virus which can affect your smartphone. So please be careful and download GBWhatsApp at your own risk.

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