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Gaming PC Build under 55K

Gaming PC Build under 55K, the perfect spot for most of the gamers and also offers a great balance between price and performance. Well, in this blog, I will go through the best gaming PC in that price segment.

The first and the most important component in a PC is:


CPU for gaming pc build

You definitely need to have a good CPU to get better performance. And for the price range of around 55K, I had chosen this Ryzen second-gen CPU, the Ryzen 5-2600X, even though it’s a bit old CPU, I would say it offers great performance even today for the price you’re paying, it costs only around like 14K. And for that price, you are getting a 6 Core-12 Thread CPU with the boost-clock frequency of around 4.2GHz. So that is about the CPU. Now let’s move on to the second component:


GPU for gaming pc build

GPU is the most important component in a gaming PC. Without a good GPU, you won’t get good frame rates. That’s why I try to invest more money in it, especially if you’re considering mainly this build for Gaming. So the GPU that I have chosen for this 55K build s is NVIDIA’s 1660 super and the model is from the brand INNO3D. It’s the twin X2 edition comes 2 fans and has 6GB of DDR6 memory. This one offers the best possible performance in this segment. The next component is:


Motherboard for gaming pc build

The motherboard I’ll be suggesting for this build is from Gigabyte and the model is AB350N-gaming wi-fi edition. Now, this is a very good motherboard and almost my favorite motherboard in the budget price segment. I’ll tell you why, because this is a 350 series motherboard. It’s a bit old motherboard. The benefit is since it’s all the price of this motherboard has come down to very little like around INR 6,500-6,800. And for that price segment, this motherboard offers prominent features. It’s a mini ITX motherboard gaming motherboard, comes with some RGB lighting as well. And the best part about it is it comes with built-In Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. For that price segment, there is no motherboard that will offer you built-In Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. That’s why I really prefer this motherboard. It’s a portable device. But for third-generation CPU’s, you need to update the bios on this motherboard, which you can do very easily. So that was about the motherboard. So let’s keep the motherboard aside, we will talk about


RAM for gaming pc build

I would like to mention that, for exactly 55K you can onlu buy a single 8GB RAM stick, and I would recommend you to go with Corsair’s Vengeance because it’s available only for like INR 3,500 and offers good performance for that price. But if you can spend an extra 3K, I would definitely recommend you to install one more 8GB in a dual configuration setup and go with 16GB of total RAM because that will bring a huge improvement in your gaming segment. So that was about the RAM. Let’s see about the PC case:

PC Cabinet & Power Supply (PSU)

Cabinet and PSU for gaming pc build

The case that I’m using comes with PSU built in it and the model of this cabinet is called SPEC-O5 from Corsair. This cabinet comes with an acrylic side panel and looks really stylish. It also has a beautiful red fan belt on the front side. And the best part, as I said, it comes with a free Power Supply. So this case comes in two variants. One is it comes with a 550W PSU, and the other one is a 650W PSU. Depending on the price you have, you can choose and you choose between any of these two. So the one I will suggest is the 650W power supply variant and it costs around INR 6,500. But if you think that 650 it is not necessary for you, then you can go with the 550W power supply variant. And that is like INR 500-800 cheaper. You can save some money there. Let’s come to the storage section:


SSD for gaming pc build

I’m using a 240 GB SSD. This will cost you around like INR 3,000. You can go with any brand because most of these brands have a similar price range. So these are the components that I will be using for the 55K PC build.

Let’s talk about the pricing:

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