Galaxy Note 5 and Edge+ to have an optional keyboard?

Technology is updating day to day. And half the phones out therein the market are touch-screen phones. With the tough market, catching the demand is the biggest work. It applies for all types of companies, no matter they are small or big.
For example, some random brand might launch some new phone with amazing specs at dirt cheap price when the specs is compared. But when it comes to the big brand like Samsung, they follow all kinds of marketing techniques. But for big companies and manufacturers, it’s totally a different world.

So, what they have done is they have an option for an additional physical keyboard for their upcoming phones Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Edge +. The Korean giant has revealed a new snap-on keyboard for their new phones, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Edge +.

They currently call it Samsung Keyboard Cover.

Samsung galaxy note 5 keyboard

Samsung S6 Edge plus keyboard


So you’d wonder what technology it uses.

The snap-on keyboard doesn’t use bluetooth or NFC or doesn’t drain use battery to make the magic happen. It instead uses the touchscreen underneath. What happens is, upon the attachment it recognizes the accessory and adjusts the screen and the keyboard accordingly. So, when you hit a physical key, it hits the virtual keyboard underneath.

P.S. this is not certainly the first virtual keyboard we’ve seen. This is just a brand which becomes famous just like that. There are concepts and products which are better than this, but the brand matters finally.

So what do you think?
Will this be a success or flop?

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