Evidson – Earphones review!

Evidson :

A completely new brand from nowhere. The brand doesn’t matter. What matters is the quality here. But at few places, brands do matter. If you’re a music lover, the chances you are not happy might be because of your device or the earphones. Some of the devices nowadays won’t come with proper earphones. And there might be a situation where you search for earphones that provides maximum quality at cheaper price. And recently, i came across the brand called Evidson. The name and the packaging is what impresses. There are many earphones that are costs around the same and what people look for is the brand. That’s true, but no one can know about a brand unless they get a hands on with the earphones. Evidson is one of a kind brand when it comes here. So lets have a look about their products.

Evidson Audio Wear V5:

The audio wear V5 is definitely one of a kind earphone. When it comes to the price, its a mid-ranged earphones that costs Rs.999. Looking at the build quality, it has a very sturdy build. And the golden 3.5mm jacket. Definitely the metal head attracts and improves the overall look of the earphones. If you’re a bass lover, rock music lover or no matter what genre. This earphones got your back. And will surely fulfill. With extra tweaks in equalizer, this earphone’s full capacity can be used. It comes with 5 high quality silicone ear tip of different sizes to ensure comfort feel of the earphones. And yeah, this model has a mic too!

Features :

  • Clear and accurate sound quality
  • Balanced bass and sound reproduction
  • 5 silicone ear tips
  • 3.5 mm gold plated jack
  • High quality wires and mic
  • Comfortable for long use
  • Blue, Red and silver colors available

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Evidson Audio Sound Supreme X55:

The budget earphone, sound supreme x55. At just Rs.499, the looks might not feel good, but when you use it you will never regret it. This is one of the best earphones available for this price. No matter what kind of music you listen to, this works well in every condition or the type of music you listen to. This also has the same built quality as the other earphones, so thats the plus point here that the quality is never compromised in Evidson. Talking about the Sound supreme X55, this has everything except the looks. Looks can’t be judged since has looks like the typical retro style.

Features :

  • Perfect sound reproduction
  • Retro / Nostalgic looks
  • Cotton ear buds
  • 3.5 mm gold plated jack
  • High quality mic

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Evidson AudioSport W6:

The AudioSport W6 is for the fitness freaks. Not just the fitness freaks but also for those who hates their earphones falling off their ears while walking or running, this earphone is the perfect one for you then. Because this is a sport earphone which is designed in a way that it comes around the ear rather than directly into your ears. This is the bass killer earphones, out of the 3 earphones this is the best. This earphones is priced at Rs. 1299 and its definitely worth it.

Features :

  • 3.5 mm gold plated jack
  • Sport design
  • Accurate bass
  • In-line earphone
  • 5 silicone ear tips
  • Black, white and pink available
  • Noise cancellation

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Conclusion :

Evidson is definitely one of the best brands i have used. The three earphones ; Audiosport, Audiowear and Soundsupreme is for different people with different interests. The sound supreme x55 is for those who have less budget, the Audio Wear V5 is for those who loves to listen to different kinds of music with style and the final one Audio Sport W6 is my personal favorite. This earphones is the bass killer and if you’re more into house music or EDM this is the perfect earphone for you. Not just bass and music, the Audio Sport W6 has perfect noise cancellation. And looking at the features it offers, at Rs.1299 its worth the money you spend. Apart from it, all three earphones has the best quality build which looks strong and durable. The mics used in it are high quality in-line mics.


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