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Epic Games Is Giving Away Six Batman Games For Free!

Batman Games?

Yes, Epic Games are celebrating 80 years of batman by giving away six batman titles for free this week!

Lego Batman Trilogy

  • LEGO® Batman™: The Videogame

  • LEGO® Batman™ 2: DC Super Heroes

  • LEGO® Batman™ 3: Beyond Gotham

Batman Arkham Collection

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum

  • Batman: Arkham City

  • Batman: Arkham Knight

Grab these titles for free until September 26 (10:59 AM EDT)! Claim it, keep it and enjoy it for a lifetime!

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Steps to Download Batman

Epic Games Login

  1. Download the Epic Games Launcher here if you don’t have it already.
  2. Create an Epic Games ID if you don’t have it already.
  3. Log into the Epic Games Launcher
  4. Claim all six Batman games!
  5. Enjoy!!

What is the Batman Arkham Trilogy

Batman Arkham Collection

Batman: Arkham is a series of action-adventure video games based on the DC Comics character Batman, developed by Rocksteady Studios and WB Games Montréal, and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The first two Rocksteady games were written by veteran Batman writer Paul Dini and featured voice actors Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill reprising their roles as Batman and the Joker, respectively, from the DC Animated Universe (DCAU). Conroy and Hamill returned to voice their characters in the fourth main installment of the series, Batman: Arkham Knight.

The first game, Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009), focuses on Batman trying to prevent the Joker from destroying Gotham City after he takes control of Arkham Asylum, and he is forced to contend with numerous other villains he was incarcerated along the way. The second game, Arkham City (2011), is set a year later, after Professor Hugo Strange expands Arkham into a massive super-prison enclosing a neglected segment of Gotham City; Batman is incarcerated and must uncover the secret behind Strange’s sinister scheme, “Protocol 10”, while slowly dying from an illness inflicted by the Joker. The third game, Batman: Arkham Origins (2013), serves as a prequel set several years before Arkham Asylum, in which a younger and less-refined Batman must deal with eight deadly assassins contracted to kill him by crime lord Black Mask on Christmas Eve, while also encountering the Joker for the first time. The fourth installment, Batman: Arkham Knight (2015), is Rocksteady’s conclusion to the series. Set one year after the events of Arkham CityArkham Knight sees Batman facing Scarecrow along with the mysterious Arkham Knight (and his militia), who have seized control of Gotham City in a plan to destroy Batman, both physically and mentally. The franchise has also seen the release of various mobile games, and the virtual reality game, Batman: Arkham VR, which was once again developed by Rocksteady.

The main installments in the Batman Arkham series have been met with widespread critical acclaim, with praise for their narratives, storylines, voice acting, characters, world design, graphics, and gameplay systems and design, along with the faithfulness to the source material.

The series has received widespread critical acclaim. Arkham Asylum held Guinness World Record for Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever based on an average Metacritic score of 91.67, but was replaced by its sequel Arkham City in 2011. The game was praised as reaching to a darker side of Batman not seen in video games before. It was also acclaimed for its polished combat and stealth gameplay, as well as the selection of gadgets at Batman’s disposal and the extensive comic book lore and easter eggs,  planted all over the map of Arkham Asylum. Arkham Asylum also received positive feedback for its choice in voice actors, such as Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy as The Joker and Batman, respectively.

Arkham City has received the most acclaim of the series, won multiple awards, and is considered the greatest comic book video game of all time.

There’s more to look forward to next week as well. Epic is giving away surreal cosmic oneness simulator Everything and claustrophobic and Metro 2033 Redux. Which are both fabulous games.


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