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Download Xender for PC windows 10/7/8/8.1

Xender for PC

Xender is pretty popular application to share any type of file format for mobiles and it is now available for download for pc. Yes you heard it right you can download xender for pc at no cost !
So now you can share files between pc and mobiles pretty cool right ?

Some of you might not know about Xender so let us know few things about xender application
Xender is one of the popular application available that let you transfer files between two devices. It is capable of sending huge size files between two devices in matter of seconds !

Xender supports almost each and every file type currently present which includes formats such as Word documents (.doc),Web text pages (.htm or .html),Web page images (.gif and .jpg),Adobe Postcript files (.ps),Adobe Acrobat files (.pdf),Executable programs (.exe),Multimedia files (.mp3 and others).
Furthermore, the application can be installed in your Windows computer/laptop, Android device, and even IOS device. However, it currently does not have a dedicated version for the Mac-based computers.

Reason why you should download xender for pc

  • Xender is an freeware that is it is absolutely FREE !
  • Xender do not require internet connection that means with the help of the Xender, you will be able to create a wireless connection between two computers and exchange files.
  • Xender is a cross-platform tool.
  • The transfer speed of Xender is one of the main advantage of xender. The transfer speed is quite high when compared to a LAN and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • With the help of the application, you will be able to send almost all type of files including .exe and .msi type of files.
  • Xender has a easy to use user interface so even a new user can use the application easily.
  • Xender is now available for Windows PC as well so you can download xender for pc.
  • It is approximately 300X faster compared to Bluetooth and a lot easier to use compared to applications like AirDrop.
  • There is no filesize restriction on xender so feel free to share files of any size.


So now i think we know pretty much about the Xender so let us look at the pros and cons why to download xender for pc.


Pros of the the app why should you download xender for pc

  • Clean User Interface: Xender come with simple and easy to use user interface that anyone can easily use
  • Shares all kind of files: You can share any kind of file with others
  • Works offline: You do not require internet access to share files pretty amazing right ?
  • Multilingual: Xender supports many languages
  • Cross-platform support: You do not need similar devices to share your files it can be done in any platform.
  • File manager: Xender comes with a in-built file manager.
  • Blazing-fast transfers: With xender you can transfer files at a super fast speed.

Cons of why  you should not download xender for pc

  • Do not allow access to notifications.
There are various ways you can download xender for pc. Some of the most used ways are discussed below:
1) One of the easiest way to download xender for pc is use the Xender website
Simply visit the site and scan the QR Code with your xender app from your android/ios device simple right ?
Using Xender Web
2) Another way to download xender for pc is using Bluestacks. I would not really recommend this method but if you already use bluestacks on your pc so you can simply download xender for pc.
Xander Using Bluestacks
3) The last way to download xender for pc is using another android emulator known as Youwave. Youwave have one feature which is quite useful for weak computer that is it allow use of virtual SD Card that means it consume less memory compared to bluestack
Xander using YouWave

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