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How to download Paid apps for free – Top 5 [Android Edition]

Well, If you are here you are probably looking for an alternative for PlayStore to download apps. And for a change, you want to download paid apps for free before buying them? Like a try & buy? Then you are in the right place. This article will explain you how to download paid apps for free and will give you top 5 alternatives for PlayStore where you can download paid apps for free.

Important warning: This post will include different ways to download paid app for free which is illegal and this is purely meant for try & buy. This post is aimed to be educational purposes and written just for the people who want to download paid apps for free. Thereby, we are not responsible for whatsoever happens or whatsoever the consequences you face. Piracy is a crime and we are not promoting it in any way. We respect the patience & skills of the developers and would highly recommend you to buy the app from Google Play instead.

Change these settings to download paid apps for free :

  1. Enable Third-party app installing permission by going to settings
  2. Once you go to settings, go to security
  3. Find the ‘Enable Third Party Installation’ feature

This will allow you to install apps from unknown sources thereby you can install paid apps for free through this method.

How to download Paid Apps for Free :

Let’s start the interesting part on how to install paid apps for free in Android. This article will share with you top 5 best alternatives to download paid apps for free. The below suggestion is from my perspective and usage. So, if you find that I have missed out something do share your feedback in the comments section.

  • 1Mobile Market
    1Mobile Market is an excellent alternative for PlayStore to download paid apps for free. This app is an very well designed app which has a vast collection of paid apps and free apps. There are several new apps that are being added to this market manually which includes both the paid & free apps. Here, I have to mention that you should not get confused with the one on the PlayStore. They both are same but the one on the PlayStore has limited access of apps whereas the download link shared below is the full version of 1Mobile Market.

    The non PlayStore version of 1Mobile Market is exclusively available on their website and there are several new features once you download. By downloading the 1Mobile Market from their website, you will get rid of all limitations and you can easily & seamlessly browse paid apps for free. Not just browsing, you can directly download the app to your device with one click just like PlayStore. If you want to download paid apps for free and need a refreshing new look for your PlayStore, you should definitely give 1Mobile Store a try.

    Download 1Mobile Market App
  • Blackmart
    As the name suggests, the Blackmart app is one of the best app to download paid apps for free. Here there are no limitations & you can find all the paid apps for free. This app is definitely for you if you want to give paid apps a test. This app is truly one of the best not just for its app collection but for the highly customizability & UI fluidness which makes this app the easiest to use in this list.

    This app allows you to sort between paid apps & free apps in case you want to see the list of paid apps in a single screen which is usually not possible on PlayStore but possible on Blackmart.

    Download Blackmart App
  • GetAPK
    GetAPK is the right app fo you if you want to Get any APK from PlayStore for free. The reason behind this being 3rd in this list is because this app is not so easy to use for it’s user friendliness but listed 3rd for a reason.

    The reason is because this is one of the only app in this list that updates the apps in their market to the latest version & not just the latest version of the apps, this app also has history of apps that lets you to downgrade an app easily to the previous version..

    The only downside of the app is that there are lots different APK versions uploaded by different members of the apps. Separate tutorial article will be on dotdashes soon on how to download app from GetAPK.

    Download GetAPK app
  • Mobogenie Market
    This app is similar to the 1Mobile Market, right from the looks, concept and the design. This app also has it’s lite version on the PlayStore. This app also had the pro version listed on PlayStore but soon removed due policy violations. But nothing to worry here, the full version of the Mobogenie Market is available here.

    The speciality about Mobogenie market is that it gives lots more than just paid apps. This app lets you download paid E-Books for free, Paid music for free, Paid movies for free and also comes with a junk cleaner in case you downloaded too many junk apps xD.

    Download Mobogenie market app
  • 4Shared
    The new app in this list is 4Shared. Might sound new to many readers out here, but 4Shared is a great repository where you can search and download close to anything you want to. Right from Paid android apps for free to different things like videos, music, ebooks, PDF files and lots more.

    Here all the apps, files, etc are uploaded by the users from 4Shared. This app is available on PlayStore thereby we know there’s nothing illegal to download from this app. It’s because this app doesn’t promote piracy in general. What it does is host the file uploaded by users and makes them available for download through the cloud.

    4Share comes in two versions, pro and free version. As you guessed, the pro version is AD free and the free version is filled with ads.Download 4Share App

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